Garroway Grey

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Just a little short story I wrote for a class.

Submitted: September 27, 2009

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Submitted: September 27, 2009



“Bang! Crash! The lightning flashed! And, well, that's another story, never mind...”

Garroway Grey, the top undercover agent at the RMC (Registry of Mystical Creatures) was sitting in a seat on a side aisle (for easy exits) at a local theater, watching a remake of “Into The Woods”-- which, crazily enough, just so happened to be his favorite play. Ever.

Sadly, he couldn't completely enjoy it because he was on duty. The RMC had gotten an anonymous tip that there was going to be a supernatural event that would occur in the area involving some non-human bad guys. So here he was, twenty minutes into the play, on Operation Big Bad Wolf. He was supposed to meet the informer, but it looked like they were a no-show.

Seeing him, no one would ever guess that Grey was a 187 year old elf, or that he routinely saw more carnage in one day than the average person sees in their whole life.

He was tall, compared to humans, about 6'5”. He had shortish dark brown hair, pale skin, and deep forest green eyes that seemed to be constantly alert searching for things out of place, memorizing details with a quick glance.

He was the best. He had to be-- there was nothing else left for him. His people were rare, most having gone through the Gap. And the Gap was closed now, so he couldn't even follow.

On stage, the witch was giving instructions for having a curse reversed.

He felt a presence behind him, and then--

“Pssssst,” someone hissed in his ear. He turned.

A woman of about fifty had walked up to the seat he sat in and crouched down to talk easier.

“Come with me,” she said.

Grey supposed that this must be the informer, so, glancing around the room discretely, he got up and followed the woman who had left through a side door.

“Were you seen?” the woman asked, her voice anxious. “Did they see you?”

“I don't think so,” Grey replied, wondering who 'they' were. “Now, about the--”

The woman cut him off with a distressed yelp. “”Shhhh! It's not safe to talk about it.”

They were in the main lobby by now, which was deserted except for a bored looking teenager behind the ticket counter.

The woman tugged at his sleeve and led him out to the street where she hailed a cab in the dark.

Grey furrowed his brows. This case was not going the way he planned. There was supposed to be a bad guy at or around the theater for him to take out, and instead he found himself in a cab at 10:00 at night with a woman who was being far to secret for his liking about the whole thing.

And she's dressed strangely, he thought to himself. She was wearing a sort of uniform not unlike a nurse's scrubs, but there was something off about it...

She kept glancing nervously at the driver, her eyes wide with fear, and she would check the road behind them every few seconds, as if afraid they were being followed. Grey checked too. They weren't.

“Why are we going to White Hall, ma'am?” Grey whispered to her. He whispered because it didn't feel right to talk normally. He couldn't explain it.

“It's time.” she chanted in a disturbingly intent manner. “It's time. Time. Time, time ,time, time, time. It's time.”

Grey sighed inwardly. That's all she would say the entire cab ride, and he started to think that this whole operation was a bust.

The woman made them get out of the cab a block away from White Hall.

“Ma'am,” Grey said, as he was walking with her the rest of the way. “Are you sure--”

They rounded the corner and Grey trailed off. White Hall was surrounded by cop cars and a white van that announced it was from 'Graidy's Institution for the Sanity-Impaired'.

The woman continued forward, muttering under her breath. “It's time. It's time. Time. It's time,” she said to herself, over and aver again.

This woman is crazy, Grey thought, disappointed at the turn of the evening.

The woman never even noticed when Grey stepped into the shadows. She was herded into the truck by two police officers who grumbled about the crazy lady who was always running to White Hall and muttering about it being 'time', whatever that meant.

Just as Grey was about to leave, a UFO came hurtling out of the sky.

“Oh, sh--” he said.

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