Shift (Clarity)

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regarding the supposed 'end of days' and the great shift affecting all of us

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012




there is a great shift occurring
now as I write and as you read
what flows through me
it's an amazing transformation
the shift is not selective
it is here and reaches everyone
the only choice you have is
whether or not to let it in
through all of these predictions
and hollywood's exploitations 
the world will not stop spinning
it's a higher elevation
a new level of thought
a wide open consciousness
an awareness unsurpassed
this is the highest moral ground
the death in the predictions
is both figurative and literal
yet little do they see
that all this dark gives birth to light
let the old world die
it's not about resisting
or saving. just let go
all that shit is for the movies
be the hero in your story
the complexities are simple
displace fear with your heart
shed the ego and press on
the more i look around
the more minds i see awakening
yawning, stretching, rubbing eyes
this is surely the new dawn
and i'm alive and so are you
and together we're unstoppable
we are one collective soul
charging toward the sky in love
remove the shackles from your ankles
realize that more is possible
change the world and create
it's what we're built to do
that thing ticking deep inside of you
can no longer be ignored
it's called your intuition
all these failed transmissions are piling up
let it out, allow it in
it's your pipe bomb
but also it's your metronome
allow it to keep you on the beat
we are here for something great
and while science is a virtue
it does not involve these pills
and all these heaps of melting plastic
it's simply: kindness, love, compassion
creativity, breath, discovery,
water, plants, community,
honesty, all the martyrs had it right
move toward the light with vigor
leap over the detritus
propel into the shift
it's the most important time to live


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