Such Longing

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when she doesn't leave your mind

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




i want to fall asleep
with my lips pressed
against yours,
engaged in a kiss
connecting our souls.
our mouths, conduits
channeling old and new energies
that challenge our worlds.
i want to change time
with you,
our legs intertwined,
no longer two,
bodies pressed,
flesh against flesh,
we move, your scent
training my breath.
dragging my lips
along your neck
your head in my chest.
i want to protect you -
from you.
i want to traverse the curvatures
of your landscape,
exploring your every detail ,
learning your taste.
naming each discovery,
until i've charted your entirety,
having conversations with your everything.
i want to become your everything.
i want you to feel me feeling you
being my everything.
writhe and scream,
i want to make your flesh
write and sing,
i want to learn the words
to your song
so i can sing along
but mostly to sing when i'm alone, 
my body leaving yours
with a poem
- tucked away deep
so that when you sleep
you can feel me dream.

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