What Is Wrong With Us?

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inspired by a question.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012




"what is wrong with us?" she asked.


and i contemplated that answer for days.


hurting hearts, uncertain paths, tumultuous pasts,

lost lovers, false friends, pride, money, ego,

lack of self control, misunderstood emotions,

no clean socks - the list goes on.




why does it have to be "wrong"?


the more i searched the more the answers pointed to the contrary. what if all this feeling wrong was right? what if all this suffering pointed to a deeper, visceral sense of being alive, awake, turned on?


maybe the ones with the painted smiles and coffee clutches following the script, swallowing their 'scripts, along with their questions and their words, maybe we should be asking; “what is wrong withthose people.?”


plugged into the numbness and the dumbing down.

the subscribing status quo with a hummer, a high ranch, and a pot with a chicken from a test tube - the swollen eyed masses masking intuition by the milligram.

what the fuck is wrong with them?


don't ever question your darkness, it is part of your light. without death we cannot live and when you breathe into that dying branch, limb by limb we blossom a new world.

one of hope and more questions.


do not let the vacuum

of the dying world

suck your heart and gut in.

you are your own storm

circling the eye of truth.

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