Leo's girl

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If you've read the Heroes of Olympus series you know who Leo is and I got bored so I wrote a story about him meeting a strange girl.

This is only part of the story.

Submitted: October 15, 2013

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Submitted: October 15, 2013



leo’s Girl


“Leo the ship is gonna crash!” Annabeth shouted as the Argo 2 fell towards the sea.

“I can see that Annabeth! I'm not blind.:”Leo shouted at her,trying to steer the ship to a small island . He steered the ship carefully, but he and Annabeth still feel forward as the ship slide forward.  Leo hit the wall hard, but Annabeth hit her head. “Leo that was the worst crash yet!” Hazel shouted as she walked in. “Sorry Hazel next time we’re falling from the sky I’ll let us hit the sea.” Leo said as he got up.

“Well  thats sad she has other crashes to compare it to Leo.” Annabeth mumbled.

“Are you okay?” Leo asked helping her up.

“Sure I’m going to get some ice.” She said and walked away.Percy walked after her and asked

“Are you sure you’re ok?” She looked at him confused.

“Who are you?” She asked. Percy now looked confused.

“I’m Percy, your boyfriend.” He said slowly.  She smiled and laughed.

“I know that silly I was just joking.” She smiled and walked out.

Piper,Jason and Frank came in and Piper asked. “What happened to Annabeth?”

“She fell forward when I landed the ship.” Leo replied.

“You crashed the ship.” Percy said as he walked in.

“I am gonna go see if anything needs to be fixed. outside.” Leo said as he opened the door and walked outside. He looked at the front of the ship and saw that nothing looked that bad, only scraped. He turned to look at the back of the ship when he saw something move in the trees. He didn't see anything there, but heard moving so he walked in and then it ran away. He chased after it through the forest. The thing turned out to be a girl and had stopped on a small beach. She had long red hair and had a green dress on that blew in the wind.

“Who are you?” He asked

“I am Alexandria, wait I  didn't say that.” She replied quickly. She had walked into the sea.

“Ok well what is this place?” He asked.

“It’s the island of dreams.” She replied simply. “You and your ship must leave.”


“Because this place is haunted.”


“You shouldn’t have to find out, but I know you will. So why should I ruin your fun?” She said and she ran off into the forest. “Don't follow me, if you do you will never see your ship again.” She said. He looked around and walked back into the forest. Leo got lost every tree looked the same and Alexandria had made him confused. “Need help?” She said.

“Sure.” Leo said and she fell from and tree, but landed on her feet.  “Were you following me?”

“No, just watching.” She led him to a small stream “Follow this and then you will see your ship.”

“Okay thanks.”

“You know you’ll never see me again right .” She said.

“Yea I do.”

“And you're okay with that?”

“Yea, I don't know you that well, but thanks for the help Alexandria.”

“Don't call me that.” She said and she walked away into the forest again.

Leo followed the small stream for about half a the hour until he say the Argo 2.

“Leo!” Annabeth shouted as he walked towards the ship. “Where were you?”

“I saw a girl.So I followed her.”

“A girl? Really Leo?” Jason asked.

“Yea a girl with long red hair and blue eyes, well at least I think they were blue.”

“Wasn't that what Daily Endersen looked like?” Piper asked

“Ohh right her, didn't she go missing or something?”

“Yea people think she fell into the lake or something.” Piper said.

“Who’s Daily Endersen?” Percy asked.

“A girl who was at our camp with Coach Hedge.” Piper explained. “Anyway Leo what did the girl say?” Everyone looked at Leo questionly.

“She said her name is Alexandria or something like that and that we need to leave this island.”  

“Why?” Percy asked, he was leaning against the ship and had his arm around Annabeth.

“Because this place is haunted or so she said.”

“How?” Percy asked.

“She wouldn't say, she said that would ruin the fun.”

“I wonder how this place is haunted.” Hazel said.

“I guess we get to  find out soon enough.”

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