The Angel in Disguise

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One day there’s a teenage heartthrob named Clyde, and he’s very romantic so no wonder that the whole campus fell in love with this handsome boy. But Clyde was a playboy and after two weeks of relationship, he would break up with his girlfriends. That’s why some of his classmates hate him so much particularly Holly who was his first girlfriend. But suddenly, he was changed.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



The Angel in Disguise

Marie Claudette A. Quito


One day there’s a teenage heartthrob named Clyde, and he’s very romantic so no wonder that the whole campus fell in love with this handsome boy. But Clyde was a playboy and after two weeks of relationship, he would break up with his girlfriends. That’s why some of his classmates hate him so much particularly Holly who was his first girlfriend. In the middle of the class, while Mr. Fitz was having a lecture with his students, the principal came over with a young beautiful girl, Serena. The whole class froze for a moment and all of them stare at her, and of course Clyde whose eyes widened. The principal told that Serena is a new student and from now on she will be part of the class. As usual the mean girls at the back were whispering and they’re green with envy, finally after a little introduction, Serena seated beside Clyde and in front of the green-eyed monsters. Mr. Fitz continued the discussion.

“Hi, Sere…” Clyde murmurs.

“Mr. Clyde, please stop talking while I’m discussing in front, and please stop the new student with your interrogations.” Mr. Fitz interrupted.

The class gazes at Clyde and he sighs. It’s their dismissal and Serena is still fixing her things to go home early, Holly came towards her and she’s being unkind to Serena.

“What did I do to you and what is your problem?” Serena asks.

“Stop it, she’s just new here and she didn’t do anything to you.” Aria says.

Holly and her friends left and they rolled their eyes at them with a sigh of aversion. Aria and Serena became good friends and they love to hang-out together at the mall and even Aria’s house.

 In their Chemistry class, they need to get a pair for a project. The teacher said that their seatmates would be their partner for the project. Clyde looked at his right and saw Serena is his partner for the activity.

“Hey! Sorry I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself yesterday, because Mr. Fitz was barmy.” Clyde mutters.

“No, it’s okay, I know you already. You’re Clyde right?” Serena replied while her cheeks were blushing with pink.

They plan together of what to do in their project until the class was over.

“Okay, tomorrow I’ll be in your house by ten o’clock. That’s a promise.” Clyde says and walks out of the room. From then on, they became friends and Holly was very jealous about it. Every day they visit the library and eat together. Tyler asks Clyde to go out tonight at the sea-side bar just to have some fun with the other girls. Serena and Clyde are doing homework together at the library; Clyde isn’t paying attention to Tyler that’s why he freaked out and walks away.

Something is changing about Clyde; he isn’t the person that his friends, classmates, and even teachers knew before. After he makes friend with Serena, he was transform into someone good and doesn’t think of any other girls right now. Nevertheless, his friends and Holly weren’t happy about it, because they want Clyde to be like them, just an easy-going person and cruel to others.

“Where’s our dude we knew before?” Tyler asks to Clyde while taking their lunch at the canteen.

“Huh? I don’t understand this.” Clyde asks and his brows meet.

There’s a silence between them when Serena came in and talk to Clyde. Quick like a thunder, Clyde gets up from his seat. After Serena and Clyde talk about a plan of going out, Clyde sits down and persist to eat his lunch.

“Is she the reason why you’re like that?” Michael, one of Clyde’s friends asks.

“What are you really talking about?” Clyde asks without any thought.

Tyler left and the other two, only Michael and Clyde was on the table.

“What is their problem?” asks Clyde “You see that? They’re indecent!” Clyde adds.

Michael was quiet and his rage explodes. “You’re our problem, since you met that girl, you became different and you always left us in the air!” Michael screamed as the other students inside the canteen look intently at them. Michael already left when Clyde was going to explain.

Since that day, Clyde was all alone and he’s not part of their group now, excluding Serena who’s always there for him. Two days after, a rumor spread all over the campus; pictures and text messages from anonymous sender started to ruin Serena’s life. Serena found out that Clyde did it and his friends as well.

Serena cried and cried, because she felt insulted and embarrassed. Clyde saw all the pictures and received the text messages about Serena. He tried to talk and elucidate everything to Serena, but Serena refused to have a discussion with him.

“Clyde, you fooled my friend just like what you did to other girls around here.” Aria told Clyde.

“Please believe in me, I didn’t do it.” Clyde explains to Aria. “Tell her that.” He adds.

Serena isn’t ready to face Clyde and she has no reason to listen to Clyde’s nonsense explanations. She thinks that she’ll just waste her time hearing it.

It’s their prom night and still… they weren’t dealing with each other.

“Aria, can I talk to you for a minute?” Clyde pulls Aria outside.

“I give you one minute to say it. Go!” Aria says.

That one minute, Clyde convinces Aria to take Serena to the garden, so that Clyde could explain everything. Aria agreed and she immediately calls Serena from the table and they go to the garden.

“Why are we here?” Serena asks.

“Just be still and linger, okay?” Aria left Serena and suddenly Clyde came out from where he hid. Serena was angry to see him and walk away, but Clyde stops her and holds her hand.

“Serena, give me a chance to explain it, I want you to know that I’m not involved in that and I won’t do such thing that could hurt someone, especially you.” Clyde started to explain.

“You don’t do that such thing to someone, but you always did that before and to me?” Serena says.

“That was before, before I met you. I don’t understand why I became like this after…” Clyde pauses.

Serena’s facial expression was nothing; she’s nervous and feels a bit discomfited now.

“Never mind that, but please you have to believe in me, you’re my friend and I have changed.” Clyde says while his eyes focused only to Serena.

She couldn’t believe in what is Clyde trying to say until Clyde puts his hands on Serena’s face and say “I need you, you are the only one whom I can trust.”

“But Clyde, there’s one thing you must know. It’s part of my mission, changing you to this.” Serena says and her tears fall from her eyes down to her sweet cheeks.

“I was sent here just for you; the big difference you made was just another accomplishment for me. I came here for that duty. And now that you changed because of me, I’ll be in the cloud nine where I live.”

 Clyde cannot believe in what Serena is talking about, he starts to cry but he don’t understand why he felt that. Clyde’s heart begins to pound with suddenness of affection.

“What do you mean, Serena?” Clyde asks.

“Clyde, I’m not a human. I have a mission on earth; I think I’m finish with you, so I’ll be gone.” Serena says.

“No, you’re not leaving me here, if you want… I’ll go with you, wherever that is, I’ll be there for you.” Clyde begs Serena not to leave her.

“I’m really sorry but you can’t. I would like you to come with me, but it’s not good for you to be there, you still have a future that awaits you. This is not the right time for you to come there, and I’ll be patient in waiting for that time.” Serena says while they’re holding each other’s hands.

A light struck from the sky and the wind starts to blow. “It’s time.” Serena tells herself.

“Clyde, remember that I am here for you and stay what you are right now. I’ll be watching you from heaven above. If you see the brightest star, you’ll be reminded of me and that’s a reminder of you to be good.” Serena enters the light and she vanished with the light. Like a flicker, the light was gone and flies across the sky.

“I love you.” Clyde whispers as he close his eyes.








~The End~

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