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Election day will be here soon! What president do you have in mine for the next 4 years?

Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Submitted: June 03, 2012



Who would you like to be president for four more years?


I believe Mitt Romney should be president. Not because of his outstanding commericals, or his oath to us... it's how he will change America's economy! Now, for those who believe Obama should be president. You voted in '08, and look what happened. Our economy became much more worse than it was to start with! What makes you think that him being elected for the second time make anything better? He's still the same Barack, and still the same bad president. Nothing will change!

We need someone like Ronald Reagan here! He was a miraculous president, and he did much graceful work to keep our country in one piece. As of now, our country is in 50 pieces, all states aren't succeeding! Romney is just like Reagan, whom will lead our country to the superpower again! We aren't a superpower as of now, because our economy is flunked, unemployment rates have skyrocketed, and our soilders are dying for useless reasons. You call that a superpower?

Obama took soilders to Afganistan a long time ago, to go help them with their problems. He realized that we had serious problems of our own, but Barack is the one to please others. Have you ever heard the term "Family First, Friends Last?" Well, it's opposite for him. Sure, helping people out is great, but when we have serious matters we have to fix in our own country, we should stick to ours. Many army troops are dying over there for useless reasons. This does not make us better friends with that country since the beginning of the "friendship". So why are we letting him use our troops for worthless reasons? They are a small country, and we are a large one. There are families here, children here..that belong to troops. Isn't that enough for you Obama? Or is your selfish game yet to begin.

Let's see what he has lied to us about. Where he was born, which should have had him impeached...but our government is terrible. Defending someone else's country when he should be defending the one he got elected for. And, he promised many blacks to get them out of slavery in Africa if they became a citizen here to vote for him. How sick! Atleast, thats what I saw on the news. That didn't come from my head. What are we doing people!?

Fight for our country, and vote for Romney! Make a better life for yourself, your family, and your country.

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