Fat and Weight Loss!

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Needing some food and exercise tips on fat and weight loss? Be sure to check this article out!

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



Most people want to lose that fat, but almost all of them just do not know how. We try those weight loss programs, spending most of our income each month for no results, and listening to the things we want to hear..but they don't get us very far. People search Google, Yahoo, and several other search engines looking for answers, but all that turn up are purchases that we just simply do not want to use! I know, I was one of those people. I tried mostly everything, but nothing seemed to work! Now, I have a new plan for everyone..that is not expensive, what-so-ever. I am very uncomfortable about people watching me, so this is for house..or almost anywhere you would like to work out!

Food Plans:

Now, many over-weight women or men say "I like my body. I am not going to change it just because I have a little fat." It's great that you have that confidence, because I sure as hell don't, but there is a difference to unhealthy and self-confidence. Being over-weight causes many problems and issues inside and out of your body. They can kill you, or cause kidney failure. Yes, that is a true fact! Too much fatten-ing foods can clog up your heart, liver, and kidneys. Please, if you have children, change your ways so you can live long enough!

Okay, back to the food plans! I like Organic foods, which might be a tad more expensive( like $2 more) than just plain healthy foods. If you like Organic, you have a wide selection of foods. All of Organic foods and drinks are 100% healthy! 

Some Organic Foods are:

*Fruit and vegetable baby food( For adults too, but look at the label to see if it is organic)

*Normal fruits


Those are just some examples of the millions of things you could eat that can support you in losing the weight!

Are you a vegetarian!? That's not an issue! You have to get protein somehow, and thanks to new inventors, you have liquid protein..ANIMAL-FREE! Their are varieties of protein shakes. Special K, Oh Yeah!, EAS, Silk Pure Almond, and much much more! Oh yeah! is a brand of shake that you can get at places like X-Nutrition or GNC. Did you know their are also flavors?! Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, and many more! Another benefit to these is they are appetite-controlling. If you drink a thick shake, they fill you up....FAST! One down-side though is they are loaded with carbs. This is the biggest reason why people gain weight with these. That is where working out comes in though!

Water is the BEST helper in fat loss! In sports, people drink tons and tons of water because they want to make sure they don't get dehydration. What they do not know is that they are preventing fat loss! Water is so thick, believe it or not, that when it gets in your body, it clogs fat. Kind of like a bubble. If you put something inside, it stays stuck inside. Ok, here comes the gross part. When you use the bathroom, that water that comes out has the fat that was inside your body. Now, I am not saying that when you look in the toilet, you will see a big chunk of fat. No, I guarentee you won't. It isn't visible. Why?! Water doesn't take 15 pounds out of you in one sip, people. They take very small amounts. But like they say, ONE AT A TIME MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE END. 

Here is a skill I learned in health class that can help identify healthy foods even if you do not know if they are or not. If you look on the back or side to where the nutrition fact label is, there is a solution you can use to make sure it is healthy. Look down the list. If it has a bunch of things down the list...it means it is processed-made in a factory. It is not farm-fresh grown, making it a fat gainer. So the morale to that is, the more on the list..the more processed!

SODAS ARE A NO-BRAINER. Sodas may be caffiene free or whatever, but that is no excuse for these little cheaters. Drink a glass of any soda each day, and you just might gain ten pounds in a week and a half. I am not a scientist, so I cannot name every chemical inside of these secret bottles of terror, but I know enough to know that make you gain weight quicker than you can lose it!


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