My Siblings

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When your brothers or sisters are as crazy as know you never wanna see them once you grow up.You have to remember the rules though!Friends may be friends,but family...thats what you have to keep in mind forever.

Submitted: November 20, 2010

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Submitted: November 20, 2010



Do you have siblings?If you do,so do I.I have a bigger brother,a smaller brother,and a smaller sister.They can get on my nerves sometimes!My bigger brother is ok,but my younger siblings are a pain in the butt!You have to think about something though.You may not feel it,but love is in their somewhere for all or both of you!They may be on your nerves,you may fight all the time,or you might hurt eachother!It dosen't matter how bad you guys hate eachother,there is always love somewhere!My brother is so hyper,so I always knock him down to make him stop,but I soon realized that fighting and calling names isn't going to solve anything!The only thing it will solve is just thinking you are making yourselves feel better.It really dosen't!It is like a drug.You will soon get addicted to fighting and later,someone is going to get REALLY hurt!

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