Passing on for bad,or celebration?

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What do you think poeple would do if you passed on tot eh next stop?Be nice,and respect people as they do to you.

Submitted: October 04, 2010

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Submitted: October 04, 2010



What would you do?

Hi.Now,I think you have never ever stopped to think about this.What do you think people would do if you passed on to the next and last part of life?People should respect you for who you are,not for what they dream.If people don't accept you,who cares right,not a big deal?Well,it is.For those people,that is there loss,but sometimes it dosen't feel like that.People care about your personality,not for your looks and color.Well,atleast they should.You should also know,not all people that are mean have a good life.They may have trouble at home,school,or anywhere.That is mostly what causes bullying.If you are being bullied,tell someone!It dosen't matter if the bully threatens you,once you tell someone,they won't let it happen again.Sometimes bullies can lead you into terrible violence!If you think you are good person,and other people thnk oppisite,think over.Do you bully,do you make fun of people,are you rude?Has anyone made fun of you.Teased about your hair,body,or anything for that matter?When you tease people,they feel the same way!Sometimes it is not rude to tell you or the other person that the world dosen't revolve around them or you!When you pass on,do you want people to feel really bad and celebrate you and hope you are doing well?Or do you want them to cheer and hope they never see you again?Let me guess,you picked the first choice.Be careful how you say things,and if you have something rude to say,keep it to yourself!People will love you for the kind spirits and nice personality,and so will you.\\

-Taylor Seabolt

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