The Hunger Games Book Review

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This is just a book review of the Hunger Games. Hope you like what I had to say.

Submitted: April 06, 2012

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Submitted: April 06, 2012



I thought the book The Hunger Games was possibly the best romantic/action/adventure book ever created. I have only made it to Catching Fire considering how much time I have left to read, but I did read the first one.

In my own words, I thought Katniss was in love with one of the boys(Peeta/Gale), but she just hadn't figured out yet who it was she loved! She cares so much about her family, she is willing to risk her own life for her mother or Prim, her sister. She does illegal hunting past the gate of her district(12). She meets Gale there, whom she has special connection, or bond, too.

I think of Peeta as a sweet, romantic guy. He is not the most attractive on this Earth, but he is so nice to Katniss. I thought the love thing really wasn't an act. I know he won't admit that he likes her once the Hunger Games is over, but it completely is obvious he does have slight feelings for her. I think in some way she likes him back, but Gale is definetly in my mind for her.

Gale is a hot, tempermental guy. Liam Hensworth plays Gale in the movie, and he is VERY attractive. Gale hates the Capitol, and always talks bad about them when he and Katniss go hunting past the fence. He does have feelings for her, and he is very jealous of Peeta when they are in the games since he is all over her.

Haymitch is pretty funny. He is one of the victors of the Hunger Games from district 12. He is old drunk, and throughout the book it always makes you wonder why he drinks so much. Their is a morale to his drinking though. I cannot tell you, you will just have to find out. He knows that Peeta could just about trick his way into anything, but he thinks Katniss is ignorant. He does help get sponsers during the games. His favorite word to use for Katniss is "sweetheart".

I absolutely adore Eeffie! Even though she is part of the Capitol, she hates seeing all the little children and unexpected people get chosen for the games. In some way, you can tell she has no respect for the Gamemakers or the Hunger Games in general. She is very bright-colored, and loves the eyeliner. If you see the movie, she is pretty interesting.

Cinna is Katniss's stylist during the games. He is very nice, and comepletely understands what she is going through. He calls her "Katniss, the girl on fire". He wears just a hint of gold eyeliner, unlike all the other Capitol people. He does not like the games and the fact that people get killed out there.

THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY! Be sure to read about Ceasar Flickerman, Portia, President Snow, Prim, Madge, Cato, Rue, Thresh, Foxface, and many more of the characters!

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