The Real Cause Of Bullies: The Resolution

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Their are so many reasons why human beings bully others, but their is one big specific reason why they do it. What is that reason exactly? How can we solve this big bully problem? Read and find out!

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Submitted: April 04, 2012



Sure Sure, their are people out there that are mean. We might as well get over it and move on with our lives. That might be case, but 99% of the time, it isn't. People all around the world aren't being called names and beaten up because someone is mean! It's because they are a bully. Sadly, most people don't know they are bullying others. That's why us sane people are here to help them get through the puzzle and realize what they are doing that hurts others. Many things happen in order for someone to bully another. Some stand up to their bully and they torment them. Others need someone to pick on because they are picked on at home. They might all be different, but all of these types of bully want power. Power is just another word for attention. Don't be frightened by the word. This problem can be easily fixed.

Think of it this way. A dog can tear up your house. It can have accidents, chew the furniture, break the curtains, bite people. They can do all those things! In order for them to stop, they have to be controlled, commanded. They have to learn that it is wrong to chew everything up and bite others. They learn because someone teaches them right? Exactly. A bully needs to be taught that it is wrong to be mean to others. When I mean taught, I don't mean sitting in a classroom and reviewing on a whiteboard. I mean sending them to the principal's, telling someone, or just giving them a taste of their own medicine! All humans are different, therefore; every perso  is different. The consequences for a bully can vary since they are not all alike. Some deserve a trip to the principals. revenge, and many other things!

Many people ask, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO TELL SOMEONE IF THEY ARE BULLYING YOU? Well, I used to always get mad because of that. Why couldn't they just tell someone instead of having someone else go through all the trouble? I soon figured out, it isn't that easy to tell on someone who threatens to kill you, beats you up, and steals your lunch money. If this was really hardcore bullying, like they threatened you with a knife or raped you, it is very, very hard to tell someone. Would you want your throat slit? I sure wouldn't! If I was bullied like that, I would honestly keep my mouth shut! Just kidding! I would tell someone! People who are being bullied need to be "educated" on the fact that it is okay to get their bully in trouble!

Like I said before, their are many reasons why someone bullys another person. The main reason is because they have serious family problems at home. They want to take it out on someone else because they think that it shows other what they have to go through.They don't exactly think that process through because they don't tell poor little Bob why they are bullying him!

I hope that makes your understanding of bullying more broad and easier to comprehend. People who try to explain bullying are very vague and I assumed it didn't register to some people. If you have any extra comments, please put them in the comment box below. If you make a book or short story on bullying, feel free to comment on my profile. I would be glad to read them! Have a good night everyone! STOP BULLYING!

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