The Reality Of Living

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Have you ever wondered your meaning in this world? Why God put you here? I believe many things, but I would like to tell you about the most important things. Do not think for a second that you are less of a person than someone else. Read, and build up your self-esteem.

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



Hello everyone! My name is Taylor, as most of you know. This isn't a story to entertain you, to persuade you to take a side, or to even inform you about an event coming closer... it is to tell you why you are in this world. Sure, you may have your regrets or your differences from everyone else...but that does not make you some sort of dysfunctional human being! We all have our mistakes, even if it doesn't seem like it. People can get their heart-broken because they chose to date a cheater. Someone could have sex with somebody they thought they could trust, but they ended up pregnant purposely. People's parents leave them, with nowhere to stay. This is world is chaotic, life is unfair. That is why I am here to tell you, this isn't some trick that God is playing on you. It isn't some game that will end and come back again. Life has it's bumps, even though most of those bumps are hard to cross over. Let me tell you a true story of someone I am very close to. It will make you understand that God gives you obstacles. He gives you battles you have to fight. But, these tasks he gives you... are not to be sulked at. They aren't to be controlling your life. They are for you to fight and become a stronger person. This is her story.

Life seemed perfect for my friend. She had an amazing mother, who gave her anything she wanted. She had a great father, who led her through life making no faults she didn't want to make. She had a sister and two brothers, all kind and loving to her. She had pets, she had friends...she was somebody. There was not a day she would spend weeping inside, or being yelled at. She was happy, 100%. Little did she know, her mother...wasn't who she thought she was.

Her mom drank, mostly wine. She didn't drink heavy alcohol. She barely even drank two cups of anything! Atleast, not when the children were around. Behind closed doors though, she was drinking herself away. It didn't matter to her though. She was a selfish person, never caring about what she might have caused to anybody. She acted liked she cared, buying the kids toys, making out to be the perfect mother. She was great to her husband too. He knew she drank a lot, but there was nothing he could do. He is a doctor, you know, and he knew he couldn't do anything about it except warn her. The saying is, "Alcoholics cannot get help from someone, they can only help themselves". She started to cheat, as well. She cheated with her youngest son's best friend's father! Nobody knew until the parents had started to fight. When your up on a hill and screaming inside a house, all sound can be heard outside. Eventually, years later..she did admit her affair. In 2009, she started an affair with the neighbor. Now, the husband of the son's best friend was temporary. This man, the neighbor..was permanent. The father begun to discover some of the text messages sent back and forth. He has noticed how she had changed. Wouldn't even let the poor man hug her! In late 2009 though, she got her wish...and regret. My friend's parents had just seperated. After the father had discovered the texts, he asked her to leave. The mother had invited my friend's family over to come to eat dinner at her new house. They decided to arrive earlier, just incase. The mother always forgot things, and sometimes left forgetting. Anyways, they came to the house around dark..and noticed no lights were on. Strange to be eating dinner in the dark huh? The father opened the door to make sure the mother was okay, and what do you know...the neighbor was there. My father screamed at her, and they all left. I remember my friend telling me that her father had asked her, "Should we go back?". She agreed that they should go back and fix this. They came back to the mother's house and discovered the cops there in the driveway. The mother had called the cops after her betraying! The father told them to wait in the car while he spoke with the officer. Turns out, the hole that had been in the wall before she moved there was blamed on the father. She said he had swung the door open and started hitting her. As my friends recalls, the father had left the door open when he went in the first visit, and did not hear any noises of hitting or abuse. Unfortuantely, the cops did not believe the father and arrested him.

That is all I will tell you right now about her story, but there is something out of that piece that might make you realize something. She regrets ever telling her father to go back there. She thinks, well maybe he might not have gotten arrested and our family would not have been crumpled if I hadn't told him to go back. This may seem true at the moment, but once you figure it isn't her fault. Even if they hadn't gone back, the cops would have come to the current house and arrested him in front of all her friends. They might have caused a scene that would be embarrassing. She should not be blamed for that mistake, the mother should. The mother should not have cheated, should not have married a man that she wasn't going to spend the rest of her life with. She shouldn't have had kids, and ruined my friend's reputation and life. The lesson her is, if there are several people involved in a situation..don't blame yourself! Don't make yourself feel like trash! Because I will tell you, you are just as important as I am. Just as important as my dog. As important as the easter bunny. You are as important as everyone on this planet. Do not EVER let anyone tell you different.

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