When I Feel Sad

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Once you think about all the great things you can do,you tell everyone that you will do them.Then,you never do!Thats what happens.If you had a sister who was kidnapped and you thought and said you would find her.Instead,you sit there and do nothing.Thats being a lazy person,never be that way.Be active and soon Justice will find you.

Submitted: November 21, 2010

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Submitted: November 21, 2010



Dear Reader,

Have you ever had anything so special to you it hurt?I did too.I had a dog named Sophie.She was my everything!I guess those special words meant nothing.She was kidnapped three months ago,and still,I have done nothing!I have been thinking of plans the whole summer,but none of them seem to be a good idea.I look up at the sky and think of my deceased dog,Cookie.I did nothing,and still continuing that process.Being active is a great role of life.Running helps your heart.Picking up litter helps the Earth.There are thousands of ways we can all be active!Ever seen the movie Taken?That is a great example of active!His daughter is kidnapped,and he finds a way to her.He was also prepared,Being prepared is another great part of your life.In the movie Taken,he knows moves,he has weapons,and he has a postive attitude.When I tell you about this example,it dosen't mean you have to do it.He was just prepared and he knew that if he wasn't,he would be killed!When you are in love with a movie,and it comes on a certain time,set a timer!You will be prepared for the movie by being on time and relaxing.There are many ways to be active and prepared.Thank you for reading and I hope this letter comes to your mind.


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