Pokemon Camp Academy Chapter 1

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The Beggining


Poke'mon Camp Academy
I've never personally been to PCA, but I've heard it's amazing.  Ever since it started up two years ago I have been begging my dad constantly, asking him if i could go.  But his views of pokemon are more along the lines of dangerous and scary.  I dont care, so i kept trying to prove myself, and get him to let me go. One night i asked him, probably the 10,000,000th time, and he said, "How much is it Clayton" I answered, "It is free as long as im between the ages of 10 and 19."  He went on to say he was proud that i had done so much work and made him see i was responsible.  He said he had already signed me up and said that my friend Lyle's mom is letting him go too, (as long as he goes with me.)  and as i listen to him i cant help but get this very wide grin all over my face, Heck someone could tell i was smiling even if they were looking at the back of my head.
The next day began with me and Lyle saying goodbye to our parents and walking down the road to the PCA camp.  Lyle asked me if i knew how things at PCA worked, i replied with a flat no.  But as i already knew, he was going to tell me everything about it even if i did know... which is a good thing on my part,( its always good to have a smart friend.)  The PCA, or Pokemon Camp Academy, is designed to get people to know about Pokemon and teach them that every pokemon is diffirent. as well as all the things one can do with their future pokemon.  i.e. gym bages, contests, pets, and etc.  
The camp is divided into two areas, teams if you will, Team Red and Team Blue, (ironically)  Before Lyle could finish with his spiel we walked into the front doors of the PCA Headquarters and got dumbfounded!  There were Double staircases, a gift shop, a Pokemon center, a Faculty lounge, and even an arcade!  Everything looked so expensive, and yet i couldnt believe they let everyone in for free. We were greeted by one of the councilors, I'm Bertrand, is there anything i can help you with?  We just got registered, Lyle explained.  Ah! so your Recruits!, Poncho!  Bertrand led us to an elderly man who i assumed was Poncho.  He asked us our names and told us to fill out some forms.
Name:Clayton   Name:Lyle
Gender: Male Gender: Male
Hair color:Dark BlondeHair Color:Teal/Blue
Eye color:Blue Eye Color:Green
Reason here:POKEMON! Reason here:POKEMON!
Poncho took our forms and politely asked us to walk to a particularly odd machine behind his desk.  It was wide, gray, and had pictures of poke'balls all over it.  He explained that if you put your hands out the computer in the maching would pick the pokemon for you randomly without you saying anything.  This way you cant be choosey and noone has to whine about not getting the pokemon they wanted.  
Lyle instantly said, " I WANT TO GO FIRST!"   Poncho chuckled and said alright alright, be patient, now put your hand here and i'll push this button.
There was a whirl of noises coming from the machine, it had stars and bubbles, leaves, and even water flying out of it.  and with a flash of blinding light, Lyle had a poke'ball in his hands.  He was so excited and couldnt wait to open it, but he insisted that i go so that we could view our first pokemon at the same time.  I put my hand in the same spot as lyle and Poncho pushed the button.  With another whir of motions and noises a, blinding flash, and there appeared another poke'ball, this time in my hands of course.  Poncho suggested we meet our partners outside for a better, more fresh, greeting.  So we exitedly bolted out of the office and dashed outside. 
Now on the count of three Clayton, we will toss em into the air, shaking my head in acknowledgement, 1.....2...... the anticipation was killing me, 3!  we both flung our arms in the air, releasing our poke'balls.  A blinding light flashed down right beside our feet and our pokemon had become visible.
Next to Lyle's ankles there was a Brown and tan duck-like pokemon with a bright green onion in it's wings.  the V on it's forhead stood out Boldly.  He kneeled down and petted his new Farfetch'd  i turned my head and looked near my leg and to my surprise was a Blue and white Ball.  it had little flippers and a wide tail, it squealed (Spheal!)  and jumped up onto my shoulder, i was surprised at it's agility as it was a giant circle, it had some trouble staying up on my shoulder, so i just held him there.  Lyle and i looked at eachother and smiled widely.  This was the beginning of everything.

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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