Titles For Potential Stories

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A list of stories I'm working on.

Titles of Potential Stories


A story of a man with 6 months to live. Alone in his apartment he suffers with no outside interference, until his neighbor is alarmed from across the hall. She finds him unconscious in his apartment. They become close and his neighbor spends everyday she can with him. He soon dies, leaving her saddened, until she hears the same sounds coming from his apartment like the day they met. Heaven is depicted as a parallel universe that they can communicate through.

The Root of All Evil

A story of twins who inherit their trust funds on their 18th birthdays. One of the brothers gets taken down the wrong path by his uncle. The other focuses on marrying his high school sweetheart. Their uncle devises a grizzly plot to stage an accident, though the uncle never expected the boy’s wife to survive. She is told by a friend of the boys, the truth of her lover’s murder. She takes on the role of a woman seeking revenge; with an ending you won’t see coming.


A guy in a new town, at a new school. Austin makes a mistake of dropping some personal information, falling in the hands of a girl (Abigail) obsessed with his outward appearance. He soon fits in with the popular clique at school and starts dating a girl (Ashley). Abigail is absolutely jealous of anyone he pays more attention to than her. The clique soon realizes there’s nothing Abigail won’t do to be with him. Ashley and Austin soon prepare for a fight for survival.

Last Resort

A team of operatives who pass their field training are put to the ultimate test when they’re blindfolded and flown to several remote islands and separated from one another. Each island is full of deadly assassins held prisoner there. Their objective is to regroup and survive until the chopper returns to the main island.

Dead Zone

A group of college kids visiting a friend for a Halloween party, when one of them goes missing. The remainder of the group tracks him to a deserted house with no possible contact to the outside world due to the dead zone surrounding the house. They are lead to the house by one shining light inside. The house is sits on top of the gates of hell. There is no escape until the house gets what it wants.

The Chamber

A very dark twist on survival of the fittest. A group of strangers are abducted and wake up in a chamber. They try to plan an escape with no avail. They spend weeks inside the chamber. Starved and driven mad each member starts to decay, some turn to cannibalism and self-mutilation. The women are raped and beaten until one woman fights back. Some will die, some will live, but no one will escape.

Submitted: November 12, 2014

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