Have you ever thought?

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Submitted: January 17, 2018

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Submitted: January 17, 2018



Have you ever thought why are we here?

I sure have. It's a simple question. We are here because our parents decided to make us. Satisfied? Hardly? Yes of course, all we seek is our meaning. 

Have you ever thought what's the meaning of life?

I sure have. It's a rather complicated one. I don't have the answer to this one right here. I had it on a little note, but I lost it. I last saw in the great library, just around the corner. It wasn't that long, more like a classic little yellow sticky note, I was using it as a bookmark. I returned the book, with the note in it, and when I returned myself to take it, someone borrowed the book, with the note in it. This is how I lost the meaning of life. Meaningless? Hardly...

Have you ever thought why are we so different from other animals? 

We have developed a lot in the brain department lately. We throw around words like "rational" and "scientific". They sure sound important and smart. Some play with numbers a lot. First we were counting using our fingers, or lines, starting simple. One, two, three, four.... Someone noticed that each number represents a value, so they started adding. One and one is two, two and two make a four... The opposite became as popular as the first one. Then, multiple additions made a multiplication, opposite being dividing of numbers. It all went downhill from there pretty much. We used there numbers in maths, throw them left and right, put them next to God, until we stop ourselves. Important? Hardly.

Have you ever thought about the future?

I do. A lot. The future is just a fancy word for the present. Now I am in the future, well now to. Look, I did it again? The future is a would be present. We can plan it, but it needn't work out that way. No matter, some time, it will be now. It is now now actually. I once had a really nice wrist watch, it always forced me to think forward a bit. 5 minutes until that, only 12 minutes left, just 45 minutes to go. My mind had no now, it only looked at the nows about to be. It wasn't fun, I don't like watches. I do like wrist watches though. They are so elegant, disguising their evil means to torture your brain, leaving you to spiral through the voided husk your present became. And pocket watches? The best. As soon as I got those, my world turned around like a watch does. Oh, look, it is now again. Is it always now? Hardly.

Have you ever thought about the past?

I don't want to, why should I? It was, it won't be, I learned, now is now. Even now is now again. Short? Yeah.

Have you ever thought about what you could be and aren't?

Touchy? Hopefully not. This one is icky. It is really subjective, but I have grown to love myself. Again, there aren't many of me here. As soon as I hanged around myself for long enough, I can't say no to me. I am who I mostly chose to be, and I roll with it. If I won't I would get suicidal. But that wouldn't benefit. I have no particular talents so the world wouldn't miss me, but I would for sure. Can't let myself down now, right? Who would write stuff like this if I were to be a goner? Maybe many others, but can't let them to ride on my parade.

Last one

Have you ever thought about the wind?

A scientific show or a neat sensation, it is pleasant to know the wind. In the summer, he strokes your cheeks gently, during winter he makes a mess to play in. I think about the wind a lot. Should I if I have other important questions to attend to? I do think so.  Thinking about a wind feels like a gentle breeze in my thoughts, stirring them up a bit, making it more fun to think more. The wind is great, give it a try, think about it too.

First one

Have you ever thought why are we here?

I forgot to mention. Some of the parents didn't have the luxury of choosing, so, maybe, just maybe, someone else wanted us here, Hardly? Hardly indeed.

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