Internal Anomaly*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Alena was just like the rest of the crowd, unable to find the perfect mate while declaring her independence and trying to make ends meet. Nothing in her life was exceptional and she blended with the monotony of the world's daily routine. And then her entire world changed. She learns that the life she has been accustomed to is essentially a lie. She realizes that deadly creatures from folklore are real and that she is a key player to their existence. These creatures are the ultimate predator with intelligence, speed and strength…they will stop at nothing to capture their prey. Some of them want her alive and will protect her all costs. Others only want her dead and will sacrifice everything to ensure her demise.

The fast-paced story follows Alena as she gets drawn into an underground world of creatures that should not exist. Her life no longer becomes her own and she is at the whim of beings she is too afraid to trust and physically unable to fight. Before all is said and done, she must either accept who she is and succumb to the creatures or fight back.

**I had this title posted under a different name, but decided to post it under the name that will be on the final published work. Yes...I am really excited. Internal Anomaly is being published! This is due to wonderful positive feedback I recieved from Booksie readers and friends. I will be posting a handful of the chapters on this site. THANKS to all of you that supported this story. I really appreciate it! the book she be available no later than the end of November 2007**

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