What's in a hero? Dedicated To James "J.T." Thomas

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Finally finding someone to look up to here is my thank you

in reference to Looking Back : I Remember,

Submitted: June 24, 2009

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Submitted: June 24, 2009



It ceases to amaze me that without ever meeting anybody, without seeing them face to face, without even saying a matter of two words to them, you can develop such a respect, such a liking, such an admiration for someone.

How is it that this person you dont even know, who doesn't even know you exist, can make such an impresion on you. How can this person you don't even know give you so much to believe in, to hope for, to learn from?

Some may call it intuition, some a crush, others who do not understand would go as far as calling it an obsession. But could it maybe, just be, that if we look deep enough, if we reach far enough, if we focus well enough; that as humans we just can tell a good pure person from that of a clouded evil one?

I think it is possible that each of us tend to have a natural ability to see good or to sense evil, but how many can tune into themselves well enough to take it a step further? How many can tune into themselves well enough and identify who it is they wish to dismiss, or who it is they wish to acknowledge?

All my life I have been surrounded by these people that all wish to claim themselves as good. These people that have pushed and pressured me into thinking that i must only rely on them, only seek them out when I need an opinion when I wish for guidance.

Then there are those of an outside nature that are hired to provide opinions and guidance for you. They sit there with their chalk and write as they claim the importance to have a role model, someone you can look up to, someone you can call a hero.

That without them we cannot be ourselves, we cannot have goals, something to look forward to. Why? Because we have no idea otherwise what it is we are going to want out of life or expect out of ourselves and others.

Yet even though this is considered as such an importance; all these years have gone by and you have yet to find someone that you feel is worthy enough for this kind of title.

There may be many candidates found amongst the woodwork that are said to be worthy enough. But who are they to tell you whom you should or should not have as a hero? Whom are they to tell you what is one? Can they not see it depends on who you are as a person? What you as a person considers worthy?

All these people that step up claiming as such are all people you know, some you have known for years. Though all different in their own ways they all share one common denominator. They all have done you wrong in your eyes. Some still are, others only had. That doesn't matter though, because the fact of the matter is they have.

So how can it be said that any of these that you see before you, that have caused you pain, have the right to be placed upon a pedistil and given so much loyalty?

Isn't a hero, a role model, someone you can look up to, someone who was suppose to have lived their life a certain way that should be admired? Weren't they suppose to hold specific qualities that from this day forward you are suppose to continue following. Are they not those of qualities that you wish to look forward to, to admire, respect and love?! How, tell me how, you are expected to feel that way about someone who has not treated you or others with these same qualities you are suppose to be looking up to?

How can you admire and respect someone as a whole that cannot even accept you for who you are? That cannot keep themselves from hurting you or others? That cannot seem to love you or anyone else?

Therefore it remains illogical to me to grant any of these people that stand before me such an opportunity with that kind of entitlement.

It only makes sense that one chooses someone of a complete stranger to give that kind of admiration and respect to. Why? Because they have not hurt you. They have not rejected you. But most importantly they have treated others with the same kind of qualities they are being admired and respected for.

For years people have been waiting for someone that potrays those qualities we search for. Because even if they may not know of our existance they also do not know of us as who we once were.

By finding the person we wish to call our hero, we are able to truly find who we are as a person and what we hope to achieve. We truly are able to love ourselves for who we are. 

If ever there be a time where we get a chance to meet the one we look up to, past judgement will not be placed; and they will only know of us as who we are at this very moment.

Once upon a time I knew who I was, but with the paths I have walked upon from these past few years, somewhere along the way I had lost myself. It was then that my wish of finding someone that I could look up to, someone that I could call my hero would be granted. Now, with a soft smile on my face I can finally say that I have found one and in doing so I have once again found myself.

And for this, I am forever grateful.

? Always & Forever ?

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