Me Me Me and All About Me

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Submitted: October 06, 2010

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Submitted: October 06, 2010



I was born on a very sunny Friday at 1:40 pm on the 15th of May way back in 1997 making me a Taurus. I am also very lucky to be born of the 15th of May because my mother’s birthday is also on the 15th of May. I was born in Dhaka and I was taken to my Maternal Grandma’s house when checked out of the hospital. And there life started for me………
My Grandma Mrs. Jahnara Siddiqua was the one who raise me while my mother Mrs. Farzana Haider completed her MASTERS on Accounting. My Grandpa Mr. Golam Haider also raised me but he was also the head of the family and the earner of the family so he had hi work. He owned a printing press. He was a very rich and a much respected man of the society.
My father Mr. Saiful Islam is a High Government Official of Tax and Vat Excise of Customs. He says he chose this occupation because this way he gets to serve the nation. He is a very enlightened, caring, honest and a very responsible soul. He work hard all day and even at the end of the day has time for his family. My mother is a house-wife who cooks, cleans and even takes care of me. She is very caring, responsible, dedicated and clever person. And she always says that her life is only for the care of her children.
Ok, enough about everyone else. Let’s get back to me………….
I was a very advanced child from birth. I learned to talk simple short sentences when I was 9 months old and learned to walk when 11 months old. I went to school when 3 years old in Chittagong (that’s because my dad was posted there) in a school called Chittagong Grammar School. C.G.S for short. And that’s when a very important part of my life took place. I had a baby sister. She was just what I wanted. Someone to play with, to tease and to beat up. Wow, how fun.
Let’s go ahead 2 more years. Then my dad was transferred to Dhaka and I went to a new school B.I.T. Bangladesh International Tutorial.
By the age of 5 I was a little chubby kid who set out to see the world. Then my first foreign trip was settled of going to India in Mumbai and Goa. And as much as I remember It was awesome. Place with different kinds of people, culture, food, language, scenery and cars. I was very interested in cars from birth. Slowly life ran by playing with my sisters, making new friends, having fun etc.
My friends are very important in my life. They are the ones who look out for me in desperate times. I got 3 very good friends. Saleh Ahmed, (my best friend) Pragoon Dewan (my first friend in the whole wide world) and Michael Jackson Chakma (a really helpful friend). I have also got a I-guess-i-can-call-him-a-friend called Ahbab Faiyaz.
Then on the 17th of June 2006, I started attending the Aga Khan School, Dhaka in Uttara. As my dad is a government server, our house is a flat in The Customs Officers Quarter in Banani, Mohakhali. So it is a bit difficult to attend school in Uttara.
One of the most AWESOME event of my life was attending grade 4 in the academic years of 2008-2009. I had awesome friends, awesome teachers and best of all, the teachers never told us what to do or what not to do. And they never scolded us either. That’s why we had had been independent to do whatever we wanted to.
And one of the most terrible day of my life was when I lost my white Sony PSP with 8 GB Memory Card. It was nowhere in the house. And there was no chance for anybody to steal it. It was a PSP 3000 from Australia. Even though I got a new black PSP, I still miss my first PSP.
Losing that PSP made me the person I am today. To be responsible, enthusiastic and passionate about all my things.
I am currently in 6th grade reading in the Aga Khan School, Dhaka’s Senior Building. Now, I am a kid of average height but a slightly bit over weighted. I have pure black hair and eyes.
I enjoy playing football, swimming, hanging out with my friends, socializing and playing all sorts of computer, Play-Station, X-box and Nintendo games. But most of all I love reading good both English and Bangla books.
My best subjects in school are Math and all Science subjects.
I haven’t yet decided what I want to be when I grow up. It all depends on my education. But I think I will like to start off as a Textile Engineer. But before that I would like to finish school with really good scores. That will help me later on in life.
I have dreams just like ordinary people but have plans to do extraordinary thing to change the world.
Well I think I would like to finish here. That’s all about me, my past my present and my aims for the future.
Shafat Shudipto Islam
The Aga Khan School, Dhaka

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