Knees On Bend

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Just a prayer and thank you all in one

Submitted: November 05, 2013

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Submitted: November 05, 2013



Knees on Bend


I never saw tears until I saw my own run down my face

So now I see that they are real, now there is fear as well

How does one get them to stop flowing so fast, need answers this day?

I look up to the sky and see nothing because my eyes are full

Not knowing what to do I drop down on my knees to pray

Lord I can’t keep going on this way so please help me to stand

Knees on Bend


Strength is what I am in search of, just want to get through

Feel so alone even though there are people around, how could this be?

So many faces are looking at me but they can’t see the pain that I hide

The walls are closing in on me so what am I to do?

Where is my help in my time of need?  Who do I call on?

This can’t be how things end for me, damn I need peace

Knees on Bend


Fighting just to get up on a daily, this is not me, then who

Open my mouth to call out for help but no words come out

What is going on? Is this the end?  Where is my voice I once had?

Does anyone see me? Do I see me? Am I here? Who is near?

Bound up in so many thoughts and feeling, need a release

The tears are still coming and there is nothing I can do to stop them

Knees on Bend




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