A Fool's Paradise

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The longing for life and happiness.

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012




It’s when I remember being a child,
Jumping from sofa to sofa
Avoiding the carpet.
We imagined it as hot, molten, lava rocks
Spewing, burning; the heat was unbearable,
And we paid no mind to anyone who mocked
Every birthday that came around
Mom knew what my favourite was,
So she’d cook, she’d clean, she’d plan everything,
And smile at my smile while they’d all sing
It’s those times I was dragged,
Knowing it would be the worst,
Until unexpectedly I’d make a new friend
Making my stay enjoyable till the end
It’s when life is ever so generous,
Like the time I gave a homeless lady ten dollars and some.
She only heard clattering change, she was in for a surprise,
As was I, finding a ten dollar bill walking home that same night.
Before that I was yet again in for a treat,
When while walking another ten dollar bill swooshed by my feet
It’s when my day isn’t going right,
Nothing seems to be in my favour.
Then the cutest baby happens to give me a smile;
Or a stranger says ‘Hi; good morning”, starting a conversation
Making me forget my troubles, if anything
Just for a moment, leaving no room for contemplation
It’s those days I have to myself;
Peace, quiet, hot chocolate, a good read,
A rainy day, my favourite soup bubbling in a pot
When I wouldn’t mind never leaving that exact spot
It’s when I revisit my childhood that I realize,
While others can not understand,
Simplicity seems to suffice,
Call it a fool’s paradise.

© Copyright 2018 Clive Fitzgerald. All rights reserved.

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