something every one should have


you gave me hope,
to carry onto fight my battles,
to move along with the mistakes that I have made,
you pushed me forward to hope and forgive,
I beg of you dear friend, as I continue on hope is now deep inside my heart,
so long you told me wrong, now you tell me one word,
and that word that gave me hope was "love",
to be free of my tormented heart,
love set me free,
now to you I give that word,
ill love you the same, and give you that hope,
from today until tomorrow and days carried on,
my hope is yours, my love for you to keep,
for you to carry on from your past,
ill give you the strength to forget,
the power to continue on,
ill give you the love to nurse your bleeding heart,
till the end of time ill give my hope.
by- talented dreams:)

Submitted: November 28, 2013

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