Two bikers undertake the most crucial job of their lives.

Nervous Nathan


He inhaled the relaxing fumes of his cigarette slowly, so as to better enjoy the calming sensation that was passing through his lungs. As calming as a lover’s whisper. It was difficult for him to calm his weak nerves when he was out on a job. That weakness had earned him the name Nervous Nathan.

Nathan looked across the narrow alleyway to find his associate emptying his bladder behind a ripe dumpster. The odour was stomach churning. That won’t help my nerves, he thought. The other man turned to face Nathan. A sharp smile lingered across his face. His name was Tyler and throughout their years of working together, Nathan had reluctantly began to think of him as a friend.

“You’re looking tense there Nate. We’re likely to be here a while, I suggest you find yourself a night walker to shove your prick in until I get the call,” Tyler jokingly suggested. “She’s not likely to turn you down, not while you’re wearing the colours.” That much was true enough. There weren’t many people in this desolate city who were willing to turn down members of the notorious Hellfire Defenders, even middlemen such as the likes of them. “Fuck off Tyler, we have a job to do. Besides I don’t want to have my member oozing god knows what like that poor cunt Bill did,” Nervous Nathan replied, trying his very best to put on his tough biker mask.

Nathan had been with the Hellfire Defenders for four years. Four years too long, he thought bitterly to himself. He’d have to be a part of the gang for much longer, however if he ever hoped to climb high enough to get some much needed one-on-one time with Joel, the gang’s leader. He had only ever seen Joel at a distance, though there was no doubt in his mind that Joel knew who Nathan was or at least who he was struggling to pretend to be. Why me? Why the fuck would they think it was a good idea to send me? Nathan had struggled with that conundrum for years, and as of this day was no closer to an answer than he had been at the start.

The still, midnight silence was interrupted by a small buzz at Tyler’s thigh. As he watched the other man reach into his pocket, a sour knot began to form in Nathan’s stomach. He knew the words before Tyler had a chance to say them; it was time to go. Their job was a standard one but no less dangerous than any other task that men of the Hellfire Defenders were ever given. Nathan and Tyler were riding off towards a warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Their job was to collect half of a payment for a truck of narcotics. The other half would be given to someone higher up within the gang when he delivered the truck. This was the most crucial job that Nathan had ever been a part of.

The night’s ride towards the warehouse was a quiet one. Relaxing almost. Nathan needed a night like this. If all goes well enough, I’ll have my meeting with Joel within a month or two, he wishfully thought to himself, putting all of his willpower into being optimistic. Regardless, however, the nerves never quite left him, for in this particular line of work, nothing was impossible. Hell that’s how the poor bastard got himself into this position in the first place.

When they approached the warehouse, they found a pre-disclosed area to hide the Harleys, so as to avoid any unexpected attention. “Okay Nate, we go in and do their little dance to make sure that neither of us are cops. Do you remember the code words?” Tyler asked. Despite having more experience than Nathan, it was quite obvious that he was also nervous for once. “Aren’t the star’s bright tonight?” Nathan spoke proudly. “And then they will reply with if you appreciate that sort of thing. It’s all good, I did the homework.” Knowing the codes was one step closer to getting what he needed. “No need to gloat smartass.” Tyler looked at the warehouse doors. Nathan caught a strange look in his eye; it looked almost like fear. “Just let me do the talking,” Tyler said finally.

The warehouse was left unlocked in anticipation of their arrival. It was dark, rusty - a complete death trap - but they had to go in. It was a strangely long walk through the warehouse. All of Nathan’s fears and ambitions were swarming through his mind. It was his greatest hope that he could finally walk away from the fucking Hellfire Defenders and starting a better life for himself, maybe even start a family when some of the inevitable bad memories had faded. One step at a time, Nate.

And there he was, standing in the centre of the warehouse with a look of absolute disgust in his eyes. Nathan’s stomach dropped, it was Joel, the boss, the scariest man on the face of the planet. Next to him was one of his personal henchmen, nameless in Nathan’s eyes. Suddenly he found himself stopping. He was afraid. It wasn’t the usual nerves that he suffered; no, he was truly fearful for what was to become of him. He knows what I am.

“GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OVER HEAR, YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT!” Joel screamed at the top of his lungs. Nathan walked death row with his tail tucked between his legs. How? HOW?! When he was close enough, the nameless muscle held up his hand, indicating that this was the end of the line. “I have people everywhere. In strip clubs, in the pubs, hell even in the fucking post office. Did you honestly think that I wouldn’t have people in the cop shop?”

A cold hard object was pressed tightly against Nathan’s head. He had completely forgotten about Tyler. But there he was, holding the gun that would end Nathan’s life. They found me out, they found me out, and I thought you were my friend. FUCK! was all that he could think. He felt warm tears filling his eyes. This was the end.

“What do you have to say for yourself cunt?” Joel asked. I was supposed to be a police officer, he kept repeating to himself. His silence was not helping the situation. At last he managed to find his tongue, “you’ve got th-the wrong man,” Nathan summoned all his strength to look Joel in the eye as he spoke. “You’re lying, Nate,” Tyler stated bluntly, “I’m sorry, but nobody fucks with us.”  

Submitted: October 06, 2014

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