Blood is flowing...

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In my opinion this is the way love should be. If you don't feel this strong about the person you're with then what's the point?

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009



Blood is flowing
Time is slowing
Your touch is just like fire
Burns me up inside and makes me want to die
My heart can’t take no more
It withers on the floor as you kill me
Step inside and fill me
As you cut me to the core
I can’t stand not to see you anymore

Darkness calling
Pictures falling
I can’t seem to hear things
As they fall and hit the floor
Maybe I needed something else
Maybe there is nothing more to me then you
How our love is so true
I saw you leaving
Silence screaming
I watched you slam the door
As I cut my throat and bleed out on the floor
You said you’d never leave me
Of time there’s not enough
Of you I’ve always wanted more
The lights are dimming
My thoughts are swimming
Through the darkness of my mind
My emptiness has left me so unkind
There is nothing left
The sound of you leaving left me deaf
All I wanted was to love you…

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