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Drama, nothing else needs to be said.

Submitted: March 23, 2009

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Submitted: March 23, 2009




Do you crave it?

Do you get your fix once you get it?

Do you find yourself going to extreme measures to achieve it?

Would your life be normal without it?

Does it stop you from achieving happiness and enjoying life?


You may be thinking that I am speaking of all the usual things you associate addictions with like drinking, drugs, and food but have you considered yourself addicted to drama?

To put it rather bluntly, “drama lovers” or “dramaholics” will sometimes pick fights with their partners or friends or relatives just to experience the high or the rush that an agitated, worked up, melodramatic state seems to provide for them. Drama addicts feel – or, more precisely, they claim to feel – “more alive” when they are in the process of stirring up trouble, because trouble – or drama, or emotional upheaval – just happens to be the one thing that really gets their blood pumping and their hearts racing.

Of course, the biggest problem with throwing temper tantrums whenever we feel like it – just as we did when we were very small children – is that whenever we succumb to this particular temptation, we are actually allowing ourselves to take the easy way out.

It can be difficult to break out of the drama habit, and it can require a considerable amount of discipline and practice, but the effort is well worthwhile, because out-of-control drama and rage have led to the unfortunate and untimely demise of far too many relationships that were once very happy.

Misc Quotes:
  • · There is much about the need for drama and excitement that we do not understand. Like many illnesses, it is mysterious.”
  • · “Drama – When girls obsess over things that will be forgotten in a couple weeks
  • · “Misery loves company”
  • · “If someone has a lot of drama in their life then they will seek more drama out, if it cannot be found then they will create it.”
  • · “It draws attention to an individual who otherwise is having a dull life.”
Extracts from an addicts conversations:
  • · soooo......everything is all highschool drama
  • · well......you think that maybe our group digs drama??
  • · i asked if he hit it and he was like...i dont want the drama
  • · he LOVES drama
  • · I HATE drama
  • · i am soooo tired of all the drama
  • · no...because of the drama
  • · i am not really pro on going out, i have some drama awaiting me
  • · wish i could....remember the drama
  • · and the drama
  • · dont want the drama
  • · seems less drama
  • · it caused me drama
  • · i should stop....sorry too much drama
  • · no mo drama
  • · and then the whole drama shit
  • · cuz of all the drama
  • · i feel bad, since all that drama is FINALLY OVER
  • · and there is more drama i have not told you yet
  • · they are WAY less drama

Seriously though...what's the point? Just get over it and enjoy life. And if you can’t…..well if you can’t then keep your addiction away from me, there’s no need to bring other people down with you and your uncontrollable urge to find unhappiness in a world of endless possibilities.

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