Just a poem I wrote a couple of years back, for school :)

Baggy jeans, torn and frayed

Wearing blings that from him, were just made

Meeting up in the evening, with his crew

To partake in a little joint or two

At school, he’d enter the talent shows, countless times

To show everyone his smooth flawless rhymes

He was the pinnacle of popularity

And everywhere he went people would gaze at him with familiarity

His followers worshiped him, he was they’re new leader

Even the guy, whose dad had that cool speeder

They called him, the new ‘Biggie Smalls’

And thus, his ego grew to the height, of the Angel falls

He would always awe the crowd

Whenever he decided, to rap out loud

Some say he gives Eminem a run for his money

But the senior citizens think he’s just plain funny

But there is one secret, he keeps to, himself

Something you would never have guessed, yourself

When he gets home, after the day has finished

When the last rays of the sun, had diminished

He turned on his pimped out computer

Just like any other normal consumer

And instead of typing in ‘The Notorious B.I.G’

He would hum along to Mozart’s symphony

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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