A Guardian

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A demon or a angel? A man's guardian swears to leave him after one more night of watching him, but life never fails to surprise us.

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013




‘I shouldn’t follow any more. I should just give up, he’ll never see me.’ I watched him walk down the alley. I felt a pain in my chest as I looked at him, that incurable pain had been with me for awhile; it always happened when I saw him. ‘I’m not supposed to watch him, but I can’t take my eyes off of him. The way he ruffles his dark hair when he’s tired, and the way his bright blue eyes shine in the light. His eyes as blue as the…’ My thoughts fell silent as I looked at his left hand, on the next to last finger was a gold band. ‘He won’t ever know I even existed.’ I let out a long drawn out sigh and looked into the night sky. ‘This will be my last night, and then I shall leave.’ Looking back down I saw him start to cross the street, ‘Wait! Don’t go that way!’ Throwing myself off my perch I pushed him away from the monster that would have taken his life.

 “SKREEEEK!” The noise was so loud, but it didn’t matter he was safe, right? I tried to move but my body wouldn’t listen to me, I hurt so much. Never in my life had I felt pain, it was not something I was supposed to ever feel. Something rolled down my cheek, ‘Am I crying?’ Another thing I was never supposed to have, this is something only they can do. I forced myself to move, sitting up so I could see him; I had to see him, to make sure he was safe. ‘He’s looking at me!’ I stared into his eyes; they were wild with fear and looking straight into mine. I reached out my hand, ‘Please take it.’ I long to call out to him in their tongue, I only wanted to feel the warmth of his hands on mine. Slowly he extended his hand, “Be…happy.” I whispered in the broken human tongue, my fingers only inches away from his. ‘I’ll finally be able to-’

 “Hey mister you all right?”

The man looked up; the truck driver hovered over him.

 “You shouldn’t step out into the street like that. Your one lucky fella, you should have been killed.”

 “Did you see it?” The man looked at where it had been. There was nothing now.

 “See what?” The driver followed the man’s eyes. “I don’t see anything.”

 “It pushed me out of the way, it saved my life.” He whispered.

 “Maybe it was your guardian angel.” The driver laughed.

 “That was no angel…” 

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