A Journey Through Time

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I don't really have an summary for this.. I have no idea what it is, or what it's called. It's just something i scrapt together when i was bored. I know.. Very amature, and there might aswell be a few spelling misstakes ( I'm a swede!!) and a bad structure. Tho i hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment your feedback, cheers.


Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012




As the thunder roared and kept doing the terrifying sounds over the sky, the wind made branches smash roughly against the windows. Lightning’s continued to strike rapidly and there she was, lying beneath the blankets, crying silently. No one could hear how hard she tried, yet tears were the only thing passing down her cheeks. The trees had started to whistle loud and scary sounds was created so she curled up together even tighter.

The last tear had fallen and the night kept going darker and scarier. Somewhere in all that loneliness she had finally felled asleep. She was now in the state when she couldn't control her body. She was dreaming, in a world where everyone was her friend, where only happiness and laughing existed. Everything and everyone was happy and told amazing stories. Even bird’s water and tress could talk and move. This was the place she wanted to have. All she'd ever asked for. Without all the sorrow... Pain and suffering. She was now happy.. She sat outside writing all the things that came to her mind, she heard music. A very happy music.  This was her place. Her world... She never wanted to leave.

The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud as far the eye could see, birds were singing, people laughed and she was running around in the grass, just letting the mind run free. When suddenly the birds stopped singing and the trees started to disappear. Clouds began to rise in the sky and things turned dark. Things started to go further away for her. She knew it wasn't possible. She was in the happiest place that you could ever imagine. She could see the sky turning chaotically. Whom does this desert belong to.. She said. And who is it that caused the sky grey? She never got an answer.. She was all alone, again.. Things started to turn white, disappearing. Vanishing. Like there was nothing. She wanted out... To leave this place. It felt like a... A shade of desperation. A demolition. She'd been woken. The heavy weather had taken the worse possible turn and the night was far from over. It had just begun. She started crying again. It had started all over again. Her name was Laura.



By: Roberth Andréasson 

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