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june 6th 1944 a young boy by the name of johnothan merril enlists in the military at the age of 18 and is about to go through the toughest day of his life

Submitted: October 12, 2010

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Submitted: October 12, 2010




As i stand in the landing craft i look above as planes fly over my head bombing the beach just a few hundred yard's off. I look at my freind darrien he doesnt really talk all .I know about him is that he lied about his age and enlisted when he was 15 years old and that he is 16 now . I feel the sudden urge to vomit I dont know if it's becuase of the boat rocking rapidly , or the knee trembleing fear thats going through out my entire body  . i hear men crying and sobbing .I look twords the back of the boat and i see men praying . I have never been a religious man but i felt like having someone watch over me today . so i asked if i could pray with them " our father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name thy kingdom come on earth as in heaven"....... untill i heard artilery slap against the water and a few of the boats get hit so i get my weapon ready.

I look above and see a place with fire coming from it's propeller spinning wildly . and i finnaly realize it's about to crash into the battleshit not so far away from us . The plane crashes right into the command deck flames burst all over the shit and i can see sailors on fire screaming and falling off of the boat into the water . A tear comes down my eye and i tremble and sob some more . Then all of the suddden i hear the commanding officer on the landing craft yell 30 seconds ! my other freind marcus he was a sergant and was the leader of my fire team .

He yelled " kay men listen up this beach needs to be secured  at all costs just remeber dont stop moving stay alert stay alive goodluck men ".

chapter 2

A few seconds after that the ramp dropped in the front of the boat. i see bullets whip past my head , "MARCUS !!!" i yelled when i see him in the water  when i saw him in the water with a bullet hole in his stomach . He was squirting blood i dragged him onto shore behind a baracade made by a estroyed tank . I watched him bleed out and cry for his mother he was about to tell me something when an artillery explosian blew me back a few feet and killed marcus .  could here men screaming, everywhere i looked i could see dead bodys , or destroyed vehicles . I realized I did not have my rifle on me , I thought i may have lost it when the artillery struckthe ground . I had looked all over for it finnaly I decided to take one from a fallen comrade.

I tried to find darrien but all I couldnt see past the smoke and fire all over the place I was to affraid of getting shot so I found cover by a tanktrap in the middle of thebeach  i curled up and started crying finnaly I saw my men moving up the beachhead so I regrouped with them . And we were running back and forth on and off the beach getting supplies and ammo from dead bodies we were going to charge the sea wall up ahead it was covered by barbed wire . i got a couple of explosives put them into my pack and ran as fast as i can twords the seawall . A few men were killed but just a few supprsingly.

A  few minutes on the seawall and I finnaly got the order to blow it away so i set the explosives and blew that wire to hell !.

chapter 3

We charged the bunkers as fast as we can and took cover on the way behind another destroyed tank . I was ordred to fire like a "crazy sunnuva bitch"so i fired my thompson sub machinegun as rapidly as i could and i got the strangest feeling , safety . the reason that i had fealt that was becuase i had finnaly realized this is what it was to fight back at the enemy and i felt strangely proud and secure as i shot many enemy soliders . for each one that had fallen i had gotten closer to my objective we advanced under heavy fire . i saw a young boy on the ground crying he had been hit by a barage of bullets it was darien . i held his head in my hand and removed his helmet rubbing his hair to calm him down .told him everything was gonna be alright but i knew he was done for . he had yelled "momma ! im sorry i shouldve listened " i cried hystarically begging for his life finnaly after a few more minutes of regret's pain and crying he had died right in my arms .

The sight of seeing him die on the battlefeild like that enraged me . i loaded my gun took off all my heavey equipment . sprinted ontop of the hill and slauhtered retreating german soliders with no hessitation . with anger in my soul and tears running down my face i yelled " die mother fuckers die ! " i could see more of our soliders landing and planes bombing enemy positions'. i dropped to my knees dropped my rifle and watched the enemy retreat finnaly realising we had one .

i had realized that this day . June 6th 1944  1300 hours was my landing ....

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