Hand-me-down Soul

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Hand-me-down soul....just read, and enjoy:)

Submitted: January 07, 2007

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Submitted: January 07, 2007



Walking down the corridor

Confused and dazed within.

I’m not sure where I am

Or really where I’ve been.

There are people everywhere-

Walking, talking, hustling about.

I ask them for quick answers-

Anything, I just need a way out!

This feels like a dream I’ve had.

The hallway looks longer to me,

The walls get more slanted,

I’m fumbling for gravity.

I’m sweating out my fear,

Beads running down my face.

Searching for any small clue

That will lead me out of this place!

Just then I hear a woman’s cry.

A very familiar, loving voice.

Running towards the comfort,

I’m slipping on my own rejoice!

There in a small room at the end,

I can see my mom, sister and dad.

I reached for them, it didn’t work.

Everyone is crying, why are they sad?

Then I see why they are upset.

The nurse covered up my face,

Rolled my body into the hall.

No one could see me, no one at all!

‘I’m here, mom! I’m right here!’

They just kept sobbing to no avail.

I needed to know what happened-

I need to know every detail!

Before I could think about it,

I was yanked from behind.

Being pulled down the hall-

a baby’s cry I had in mind.

Through a ball of blistering light

I was jolted into another being.

Before I knew what had happened,

It was a mother’s eyes I was seeing.

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