Love me!

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Have you ever wanted someone to love you so bad you would withstand eternal pain just to be 'with' them?

Submitted: December 08, 2006

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Submitted: December 08, 2006



I want to take my eyes out of their sockets

And put them in my pockets

So I don’t have to see

The pain that you’re dealing me.

I want to stand on a cliff’s edge

With my toes hanging slightly over the ledge

Because that feeling reminds me

Of how unsure your love is for me.

I want to sew my mouth shut

So I can’t cry out in pain but

Then you may not ever know

Because my hurt and sorrow I never show.

I want to go bungee jumping with out the bungee .

I am your target in your game of archery.

Make sure you hit me in the right spot

So I can die quickly of this heartache I’ve got.

I want all these things and more

Because its you I can’t help but adore!

I want to be held and loved!

Not pushed aside and shoved.

You are my drug of choice

Poison on my lips that takes away my voice

I let you use me and lie to me

And all for those words I want to hear so badly.

“I love you”

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