My mistake, your sorrow

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The things we do today might very well be someone's sorrow tomorrow.

Submitted: December 24, 2006

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Submitted: December 24, 2006



I want to make you feel what I feel

so you can understand

how I have changed,

And not because of your demand.

I want your eyes to pierce my soul

so then you might see

how much I love you

and that forever faithful I’ll be!

I have made mistakes in the past

This is no secret to you or I.

But if you’ll give me a chance

you will see that for you I would die!

My heart hurts with every tear you taste!

I want to take it all back!

But unfortunately I fear

the damage is done no matter how I act.

You are my love, my forever soul mate!

I knew it the night we met,

and I know it still today.

I pray everyday that our past we might forget!

I know I hurt you and believe me,

I am eternally scared from the inside out.

However, I know it doesn’t compare

to what you are forced to think about.

When I look into your tear-soaked eyes

I see that everlasting pain.

I hurt the person who trusted me most

Now I fear it is that which I will never regain.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like

If things hadn’t happened as they did.

It makes me sick inside because I know

Your heart, from me, you wouldn’t have hid.

Now I know that old saying is so true.

“You reap what you sew.”

A mistake today will almost always

be someone else's sorrow tomorrow.

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