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Winter love, like frozen blood.

Submitted: December 26, 2006

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Submitted: December 26, 2006



As your cold fingertips wander across my face
My mind takes me to a different place.
The snow flakes are crisp and cool
Sticking to me like winter wool.

The air is so thick it makes it hard to breath
But, that’s okay as long as you don’t leave.
I can hear the wind blowing through the evergreen
It’s a smell, a feeling, a picture I’ve never seen.

You drag your icy fingertips down my chest
Right above my breast they lay to rest.
Slowly, I take in the winter air
It deadens my body but I don’t care.

I can see your soul tonight
We’re baring all and it feels so right.
Your eyes are a winter green
Mine are the clear blue of a midnight’s dream.

The air is changing now
It’s growing darker and colder somehow.
The snow is blowing thick and strong
You’re disappearing, “This is wrong!”

“No! Where did you go my love?”
There was nothing but the empty air above.
You blew away with the last strong wind.
I’m confused, sad, and empty within!

I stood up on wobbly knees
It was so cold I thought I’d freeze.
I dropped the book I’d read so intently-
It turned out I’d been dreaming ever so innocently.

The name of the book,
As I took another look,
Turned out to read-
“My Winter Love Return To Me”

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