Sara Monkey and Forgiveness(ages5+)

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This is one of several in a series written for children ages 5 and up. I'm hoping to put out a good message for children who are impressionable at this age. :)

Submitted: November 27, 2006

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Submitted: November 27, 2006



Sara Monkey and Forgiveness


There once was a family of monkies living in the Australian Rainforest. They were a loving family and they had many friends living all around them.

One of the youngest in the family was Sara Monkey. She had just started school and was looking forward to her second day. She made a couple of friends the day before but she was still a little nervous.

“Mom, I’m nervous today.” Sara said as she looked at her mom for help.

“Ah, Hon, you’ll do just fine. Remember, you are beautiful the way God made you!”

Mom always had the right words to say. Sara Monkey smiled and out the door she skipped.

When she reached the school yard she was full of hope and confidence. There were kids everywhere! The crocodiles were there, the elephants, the lizards and even the snakes were there. It wasn’t like this the first day.

Excited, Sara skipped though the fence with her pink lunchbox and spotted Lucy Crocodile, her best friend.

“Hello, Lucy! Today is a good day!” Sara shouted.

“Yup! Sure is!” Lucy yelled back.

Then, just behind her, she heard a loud snicker.

“Look at thossssssse earsssssss! They’re huge!”

Sara turned around. It was Ben Snake and his brother and sisters.

“My ears are perfect the way God made them!” She shouted as she grabbed her ears.

“Yeah, if you sssssay ssssso.” All four of the snakes hissed as they slithered off to class.

Sara got very sad.

“Don’t you let them get to you.” Lucy said as she hugged Sara and helped her to class.

All Sara could think about was what they said. ‘I know I’m not ugly.’ She thought to herself. Finally, the bell rang for recess. Sara’s feelings were still hurt but she wasn’t letting that stop her from her favorite past time: Kick turtle!

See, in kick turtle everyone wins. The turtle family doesn’t mind, they can’t feel a thing and its fun for them. All the other animals enjoy it as well.

Just as Sara’s turn came around, she heard the snakes again.

“Look at her, sssssshe’s big-ear Sssssara!”The snakes hissed and cackled to themselves loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Don’t listen to them, Sara!” Lucy yelled. Sara held her head high and stepped up to the plate anyway. She could hear them behind her still laughing and talking. She had enough. She ran out of the field and into the school bathroom. “Why do they not like me?’ Sara thought to herself.

Just then, Sara heard the bathroom door open. It was her teacher, Mrs. Cockatoo.

“Sara?” The teacher asked.

“Yeah?” Sara replied.

“Can we talk?”
Sara pushed her stall door open.

“Why do they make fun of me?” Sara began.

“Well, they just need to be told that what they are doing is hurtful. Would you like to have a talk with them?” Her teacher asked.

“Yeah, I guess.” Sara replied.

The four snake siblings and the teacher and Sara sat down for a talk.

“Now, all you snake children, Ben, Kelly, Tim, and Shelly Snake. Do you know you hurt Sara’s feelings very much?”

“Ah, we were just having fun.” Ben replied.

“Fun at someone else’s expense.” The teacher said.

“We are all made by the same loving God and there isn’t anything god made that isn’t perfect or just as it should be, right?”

“Right, Mrs. Cockatoo. We’re sorry.” All the snake children chimed in at once.

“It’s okay.” Sara said.

“Just remember God made and loves all his creatures and we are to love one another and help each other through life, not make it harder.”

The snakes all four slithered over to Sara’s chair.

“We are so sorry, can you ever forgive us?”

“Of course I can forgive you! God forgave us our sins and because you asked me, I will forgive you too!”

Sara replied with a smile.

They all hugged and never said another hurtful thing to one another or any other ever again! They all ran, or slithered, back out to the kick turtle field and had a wonderful school year!





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