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This is about an epidemic. One we all know about and should further educate our children and their children;)

Submitted: November 27, 2006

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Submitted: November 27, 2006



I’ll steal your hopes and dreams.

I’ll take you away from your family.

I’ll even make you sorry ,

Sorry that you ever met me.

You thought when you were younger you could

live without consequence- “seize the moment.”

Now do you know who I am?

Listen close, I will give you another hint!

You never thought it would happen to you!

As you looked at others who knew me,

I watched you quickly turn your face!

Now do you see, do you remember me?

I laughed inside because I had the upper hand!

I laughed inside because I already knew!

I just had to plan it to be perfect

So I could finally make my big debut!

Your hair is falling out and your face is pale.

Your fingernails are green and thin

Your body, mind, and soul

Are all empty within.

He left you months ago!

Did you really think he’d help you out?

Did you believe him when he said he was clean?

I bet you did, and you did without a doubt!

Now here you are at the funeral.

You watch as everyone begins to weep and cry.

You are helpless now, just as you were then.

Only now, your life has already passed you by.








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