Things that annoy the H-E-double two sticks out of you

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This is just a little dark humor on SOME people. Obviously we aren't all thought-challanged :)

Submitted: November 20, 2006

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Submitted: November 20, 2006



Things that annoy you

Isn’t it funny how you could start off having a really great day and then some moron on the bus has to be the beginning to your bad day? Then it’s here we go, yet another fun filled afternoon on the public transit system. It’s the guy next to you who somehow thinks you care about the fight he’s having with his girl. Or maybe he thinks you don’t have anything better to do than listen to him or rather, feel him spit off the events to last night.

People can be annoying even when they don’t think they are. It’s sad really, but it does happen. It’s usually the people who are in groups. They got onto the bus yapping and trust me, they will continue to do just that. As they are talking, they’ll look around the bus to see if anyone is looking at them. And, of course, we may be but trust me it is out of sheer “would you please shut the **** up”

It’s going to a public place, a bank, a fast food restaurant, any place where idiots are allowed to congregate and all the sudden the person in front of you forgot why he came there in the first place! Okay, brain check on isle 2 please! Anyway, as if any of this wasn’t annoying enough, you get to go back to the bus stop where undoubtedly someone will ask you for a cigarette or quarter. If you’re lucky, no one will be there, but let’s face it, what are the chances of you being lucky? Right? So, it’s back on the bus we go. More smart-challenged people. They’re everywhere! They’re even multiplying! Which brings me to my last thought. It’s the parents who shouldn’t be parents. They thought raising a cabbage patch doll was practice enough, and so here they are. It’s cold outside, so, they put on their heaviest jacket. The baby is just sitting there hanging out in a cute little summer outfit. Mom, hello, what were you thinking? Or is the sun just shining all the time in La La land? Or don’t’ ya just love the parents who talk to their kid like they’re a 40 year old bouncer at a strip club. That’s always great, yeah. So, alrighty, I think I have gone on and on and on enough. But, honestly, how many of you can totally relate to atleast one of these incidents?? **** doesn’t happen, my friends, people happen. ;)

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