The BoBo Manifesto

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What I'd do if i was in charge...probably

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012





So I was recently duped into starring as an extra in a cinematic piece of communist propaganda. This inspired some half-hearted soul searching. I would actually describe myself as Bourgeois Bohemian (bobo), economically conservative but socially liberal. The following is my penance to the capitalist church, my little wish list for how I think things should be. So in the name of the IMF, the WTO and the World Bank here we go: 


Foreign Policy

  • Encourage cooperation between the west, Russia and China, relying on soft power to eventually make them allies of the west. This should help cure a lot of the paralysis the UN has been suffering from since forever.
  • Economic containment of Russia via energy policy to weaken its economy which is heavily reliant on fossil fuel exports. Thus causing Putin to lose an election and be replaced by someone a little less crazy-nationalist.
  • Assist the Americans in the geostrategic containment of China. Working with regional allies along the ‘freedom line’ stretching from Japan and South Korea to Taiwan to the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Plan A is for China to become a stakeholder in the global system, Plan B is to stop them from getting up in our grill.
  • Arrange the signing of a counter-terrorism treaty between the SCO and NATO agreeing to join forces. Drones, stealth aircraft and smart weapons to be used to retaliate for terrorist attacks. Special Forces to be used to disrupt terrorist groups in failed states. No more costly invasions of third world countries whenever we get angry.
  • Expansion of development programs and the creation of a ‘humanitarian gap year’ sending young school grads/uni students overseas to help reduce poverty, educate people ect. Inequality is one of the main causes for terrorism in the first place.
  • Increased cooperation and funding for space exploration because, you know, SPAAACE.
  • Make Australia a republic in order to create a national identity as well as giving us a legitimate head of state.

Economic Policy

  • Cut petrol subsidies, instead subsidise conversion of engines to Liquid Natural Gas. LNG is a cheap alternate fuel to hold us over until renewable energy and Electric Vehicles can replace fossil fuels entirely. It’s especially cheap now that the Americans are a net exporter again.
  • Tax cuts for companies involved in EV and renewable energy research and development. This should help expand the knowledge economy for when the mining boom inevitably ends.
  • Incentives for people to buy solar panels to create a ‘democratic energy grid’ where every house has its own energy generation capacity.
  • The return of the Victory Gardens policy where individuals and/or communities plant their own vegetable patches to feed themselves. This includes incentives to recycle and buy/build water tanks.
  • Expansion of immigration of skilled workers to compensate for the retirement of the baby boomers.

General domestic policy

  • Reduce unemployment benefits and re-allocate the money to expanding the police force. This creates jobs and cuts down crime rather than simply paying unemployed people not to commit crimes.
  • Legalise abortion and PGD in the name of common sense.
  • Legalise stem cell research in the name of common sense.
  • Legalise gay marriage in the name of equality and common sense.
  • Completely legalise, regulate (and tax) prostitution.
  • Tax all religious institutions. Their charity work can be done by secular groups like CARE, Amnesty International, UNICEF, Médecins Sans Frontières ect.
  • Cut government assistance to private schools, they don’t need the money. Maybe give the money to the universities.
  • I wonder how many people are still reading at this point? Oh, you are.

While I’m at it I might as well ask for a tesla roadster, a mansion on Hamilton Island, an unending supply of cocaine and a couple of Jets. Lol, jks, but seriously if we could get this all done by Saturday afternoon that’d be great I have a 21st to attend that night.

So I guess I’m a limousine liberal at heart, almost a fence sitter. Speaking of which, have you heard Tim Minchin’s “The Fence”? It’s been in my head all week. I think I’ll fire up iTunes right now in fact. I don’t really know where I’m going with this now so I’ll just sign off: HAVE AN ENRICHED AND FRUITFUL DAY CITIZEN.

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