The World is Not Enough by cmcdonogh

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its inspired by a song actually, bet you didn't know that.


The World is Not Enough:

Tonight was the night. His 25th and their anniversary all rolled into one big party. Their party. Out in the great hall, two dozen of their friends and family were gathering for the banquet. He was waiting out in the corridor while she had come in here just to triple check everything. Nothing was being left to chance, everything was to be perfect. A song from one of the old James Bond movies was playing over the venues speakers.

I know how to hurt, I know how to heal...

The dress was fantastic, she wasn’t usually one to blow her own trumpet but it was. A light maroon colour without a back, It was light enough for her to move freely in, yet tight enough to show off the best of her killer harlequin body. Around her neck she wore a diamond necklace, an early anniversary present. 

I know what to show and what to conceal...

Conceal…concealed carry…that reminds me, she thought. She opened her handbag to retrieve her pocket pistol. She’d never had to use it but she’d be damned if she let him have all the toys. She placed the small silver pistol in a holster on the inside of her thigh as gracefully as she could. With a quick check in the mirror to make sure there were no bumps anywhere, she was ready. Perfect.

I know when to talk, and I know when to touch...

She smiled at these words; they reminded her of that day out the front of the bureau where he had been talking with the secretary for population management. She had seen him struggling; he was an eloquent speaker but could easily get out of his depth without realising. He had been standing with his hands behind his back when she walked past, gently touching his fingers as she went. He had looked at her and she had turned back to smile at him. Later he told her that she had made all the difference. 

No one ever died from wanting too much...

The difference being that he had regathered his cool and was able to secure a lunch which had secured a white paper which was the real reason behind this party. To celebrate how together, they were about to reshape the world at its most fundamental level: the people that occupy it.

The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start my love, and if you’re strong enough, then maybe we can take the world apart, my love...

She’d never heard the song like this before, this was intense.

People like us, know how to survive, There’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive...

Too true. They did everything. Kendo, drag racing, motor bikes, pig hunting, even tried their hands at Krav Maga. Together they would do anything to get the endorphins flowing.

We know when to kiss, and we know when to kill...

More flashbacks, one of their first kiss after the movies the night of September 19th, a flashback shattered by another of a gunshot in a dark alley. A shiver rumbled up her spine.

If we can’t have it all then nobody will...

Then a glaring mental image of that tiny metal cube. Oh God, that cube....

The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start my love, and if you’re strong enough, then maybe we can take the world apart, my love...

She looked into the mirror, suddenly feeling too cold for that warm November night. Her hand unconsciously touched the side of her neck, a nervous habit from her childhood...- Get a grip! Why are you feeling this now, on the night of nights?

I feel safe, I feel scared...

She quickly shook her head, rattling the guilty memories of the last 6 months, replacing them with thoughts of the present. Right. Get out there and enjoy yourself, you’ve worked too hard for this, don’t spoil it now.

I feel ready, and yet unprepared

She left the bathroom, walking briskly to where he waited. They didn’t say anything; they had long passed the need to talk with words. Instead she smiled her unbeatable smile, wrapped her arm around his, and with a quick burst of eye contact, they walked through the double doors to the applause of all the people they cared about.

The world is not enough…

She let his arm go, applauding as he bowed to the assembly. He then gestured towards her and the applause cracked up a notch as she elegantly curtseyed to the group. A waiter approached with a silver tray of cocktails, he took one and addressed the hall.

“Thank you all dearly for coming, one and all, Siri and I have waited so long for this moment and we are overwhelmed that you could all be here with us. Please drink all our booze, we insist, and enjoy the evening. Thank you.”

She applauded along with the others until the music continued and those gathered began chatting away merrily again.

Nowhere near enough…

He put his glass on a passing waiter’s tray and held her hands. As they gently kissed she could see the stars of the Milky Way in the night sky through the glass domed ceiling.

No nowhere near enough…

Submitted: December 01, 2012

© Copyright 2021 cmcdonogh. All rights reserved.

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