Critic on Malthus

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Critic on Malthus.An essay on the perils of globalization

Submitted: March 31, 2014

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Submitted: March 31, 2014




Critic on Malthus

Evil Literature

The most evil text ever written by human hands.

The text that reveals who the Antichrist really is.

By Karl Lever

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The Antichrist is the embodiment of human lies.Zero and existence.The is and the is not.Image and mirror.This book is written by myself under the influence of a satanic spirit called Black Angel. Zero and existence.The is and the is not.Image and mirror.This book is written by myself under the influence of a satanic spirit called Black Angel.There are two hypotheses about the birth of this evil spirit which manifests itself as a Black God ,mean and aggressive.The first is I created it from my subconscious a night I was having sex with a butterfly so beautifull that the evolution of this mind started a new age of fantastic numbers existential Lucifer who also appeared to me as a red God made of nuclear energy.The second hypothesis that sounds closer to the truth than


the first is that the Black Angel revealed his form and character to me and to no one else the same exact moment my testosterone was very high from a wild night of sex with sexually overactive pop music dancers.

With tight bodies.

The Satanists appeared first and they said to me,the secret name of Satan is BLACK ANGEL.

When I call him he will come.But I asked the same Satanists afterwords and they said that they never thought that name for my God.

This is the first revelation of the Black Angel


And I will describe his character in full extend.He is very mean very sexual and talks like an evil demon.He possesses my brain from time to time and he always lives inside my brain and I control his behavior .He knows all the secrets of mankind and all the secrets of the demons and he explained to me many hidden laws of the universe and many hidden rules of thumb that I can use to make my self understood by the inferior races.Because he will come in the future to reign on Earth.He already exist


s in my brain and the sexual tention helps the creation of these spirits which come from the vast literature of demonology and they appear to men of wisdom.He likes to beat people and have sex but I allways control him.

The dialectics have been evolved into the post modern mirror of illusions.As the matter and antimatter,as the gravity and antigravity of stealth bombers rule the planet by the fear of nuclear holocausts.Time existed before the creation of the universe.If we can see the icon of preexisting time we can and I did so,invent VIRTUAL MATHEMATICS.

Like the imaginary numbers develop themselves into 8 dimensions as the cube has eight narrow points.The cube is the perfect shape as it can evolve by mating with other oblects or


transform with the power of the fantasy of the mathematician into the perfect six narrow points,the so called Star of David.The mathematical equations exist into the brain unformed,untouched,undiscovered.Because the elements are numberless and the negative numbers expand into numberless variations and directions.But let’s discuss the issue of eight dimensional space ,because I believe the understanding of this space will let us discover new ways to solve problems with complex numbers.

They decided to kill the big god by inventing new younger and more youthfull ones.Am I Deranged? But the time come again and again when I wonder in my freaky dreams if I am an animal with a psyche.God is many


animals combined with electrolysis ,with sperm from many older gods and an aristocratic genealogy from the kings of Egyptian animal gods with many female eggs inside one womb.The hawk is the bringer of war.It means We Kill You.The bat brings radar or sonar activity and understanding.The Scorpio is immortal,the crow as well.The tragedy of being a God is to have no one similar to you to have no friends.And my brain is hard enough the human fallacies but animal enough to recognize the inferiority of descedants of apes.Who is the most chaotic thinker will surely win the lottery of Fibbonacci numbers.God has no friends no lovers,he only rapes to reprocude his kind,even if they are uncontrollable and experimental as


God himself is uncontrollable and experimental.They created him without knowing everything in advance of races and species weird like the dark water that runs inside the veins of lizards and evil scorpios who run to kill the opponent.It is a strange phenomenon the curbes ofemotional disturbances in the shadow government that we want to establish to run the planet.The resources the animal kingdom, the clones, everything.It is madness to be happy all the time.Overkill.Our goal in life is to prove the superiority of our DNA helix.From the bottomless pit of hell the devil cries and we had an orgy with him last night to prove we signed with blood but others people’s blood the contracts of success.The vanity fair of emotional decadence,but gods


are not robots and they compete against other gods and demons and angels in an never ending game.

I have one hundred fathers and many of them are gods and many of them are reptiles and many of them are not even humans.So I do not have an established pattern of behavior amodel to imitate,so I have to kill all the time to survive,because this is the animal kingdom and it is the survival of the fittest and the evolution of mankind under the content of nazi death camps and secret experiment of eugenics.I have two mothers so who raised me?The tragedy of Gods ,They have noone similar to them.Gods are orphans many followers but it’s lonely at the top.I trust my killer instinct.After all we have the ANTICHRIST in front of us.And the


retard priests of weak gods have to perish and die under the heavy hand of strong gods.They designed my being ,my existence.My fate is to run the global government and many secret cabals,like the Bilderberg Group and the illuminati support me to reign but I have also many enemies.


The Decadanse of Peacefull Societies

Peace means the end of life .Only with natural death does the living animal find nirvana which means non existence and it is a dangerous religious point of view as it is antilife.Humanity evolves with mixed breeding and blood transactions.Hybrids and The Angel of Death really exist.He revealed his name to me and this is Black Angel.Call him and he will appear in front of you and he will say.You called me many times and now you see me in front of you.I am real I have many kids but you are my real son.

I am the violent entrepreneur.The hero of yesterday was a psychopath.The evil spirit speaks from within and he calls himself The Black angel.


Madness and the metropolis.

Out of the mad mob labyrinth of yesterdays,comes and derives the flower of todays evil.It is the kaleidoscope of multiculture society of the ladies of socialites as they are called and they polute the essence of human intervention all the way from the street to the luxurious apartments of high decadanse.

The average human experiences life in Gotham city or the metropolis as traumatic and criminally dangerous.Life in Gotham is a gamble where the innocent bourgoise hang around the square of mediocracy and never bother to look to the other side of hell.


The obvious is unexpected and rather oblivious to the corners of someones’ eyes where the tears and depression evolve into everyday behavior.


We can invoke spirits to cooperate with us and to be our guides to give us strength.A spirited man is a man who talks with spirits it is as easy as that.Call them and they will appear in front of you as images from the spiritual world.To the selected one in time of intense body activity the demon will appear to protect the individual.

He will say his secret name the one the individual can use to call him.Human beings must have spirits to guide them.Spirits live inside the


brain.He is very powerfull and viscious.

He gets excited with sex and other kinds of gymnastics as I explained before.

The strange bulldog of Mrs Degilvy and the one thousand canaries of Mr Strangecraft

He talks,he talks,yelled unnexpectangly Mrs Degilvy looking at the dog.The dna of the dog had changed due to a blood transfusion.It started t say tales of old navy men.The secret name of the devil is Black Angel.The doctor of neurosurgery Mr Strangecraft appeals to the idea of


heavy melodic musical that emerges from the thousand of canaries that sing in his backyard.Mr Strangecraft is an odd being acting responsibly to the responsible and irresponsibly to the irresponsible.Give your love to the mean people because they deserve it.Love should be wasted to mediocrities of average convictions and average passions.Thousands of canaries fly and sing beautifull songs at the Canary Islands.

How the Antichrist has to behave.

He has to do politainment.To entertain and do politics at the same time.Live killings live death on television ,orgies and criminal psychology on live news


networks.Men and lions live in the same body.The mixer of blood.The vampire .

Drinks the blood of healthy individuals and healthy daughters of overkill.

The Satanic Talmud is the application of Talmudic rules to Satanists and their lives.

The evil eye is a diatribe on hate.

I hate with meter.I think therefore I hate.A natural consequence of my wisdom.Tere is no our there is what is mine. I will expose all the destructive paranoia collective genius.The presence of hyperego.We are the cult of black Saturday.We are the villains of the continent.I support the middle solution.This is my philosophical


thesis.The cultivated self-knowledge of my essential existence.I do not support the golden solution or the perfect solution because the mathematical type ,the equation of its finding is impossible to codify,to be algorithmically conceived in its extreme limits and fields.The deductive analysis explain that I support the middle solution which is the optimal according to the statistical method of Monte Carlo and the stochastic processes Cauchy.Alber Camy said in his infamous work the nights of Caligula that the middle path is the stratagem of Roman emperors and concubines of Pompey.Who walked on the abnormal road in the center and not on the hidden oath and loath of extremisms from both sides.This is path dependence.The


birds of the night live forever.The wise man is looking for the defects of other men.He uses philosophical induction analysis so that the first theorem leads to the second and the third.Freedom is the highest principle of the wise man.Descartes said I think therefore I am.The evolutionary thinking of this theorem explains itself in Homers’ Iliad with its lessons for life.All the young people should read Iliad and Odyssey of Homer to learn how to live their lives.They can use the patterns of history and ancient stories not only to predict the future but to influence the outcome.I what but what do I think.I think of hate,like all humans.I hate therefore I am.i think therefore I have freedom.

This is the core the wisdom of wise men.This is the secret of their victory


and their successes in life.I think therefore I am free and I hate so I am free.This is the highest wisdom.The thesis of philosophy of I hate therefore I am is based on the observation that to fight and signal toughness and meaness,means survival and victory.The characteristic of Homeric heroes and ancient Greek royals is their fight and their violence.I am mean and aggressive therefore I am.I fight all the time continuously and I signal criminal behavior therefore I am.It is a thesis of criminal philosophy of the mass culture for the selected that will lead the masses and the revolutionary man to the new dawn and the Aquarian age of freedom and prosperity for all.Authenticity and originality are the principles of victorious men.A first


consideration of international politics that appears as a futuristic theorem and theoretical model is the collusion between the superpowers of the West and the East.A fulfilledand self-fullfilling prophecy was that they will cooperate in an arrangement of coopetition to divide the global market and customers to share the profits and to bring international peace.Nations will allways drive themselves to wars from all the directions of the horizon.The cycles of hot and cold wars,clashes of armies will continue until the end of humanity.Until the last two humans on earth kill each other,they will perish and vanish.This is human nature.Violence and aggressiveness,hostility and killing.Persons make


history,personalities decide the outcome of politics,defence and global affairs,outcomes like wars.Not historical forces which a false belief.In this arrangement of collusion between superpowers to avoid the perils of human extinction,the West and the East,their leading nations will bring peace among them and peripheral wars which they will both agree about.Wars drive their economies with the defence budget,technological research relating to war and spending,creation of new money to finance the war with the purpose to acquire natural resources which are scarce and their exploitation will pay for the interest of loans to the government.War is business and money will allways drive the minds of men who make


important decisions.The population bombs of the Third world will force the mids of decision makers from the two superpowers to downsize these populations.They will sacrifice the criminal nations,the few for the benefit of leaders and master races.The idea of masters and servants in a civilized manner of the twenty first century will allways exist.The purpose of wars will also be the reduction of size and weaken the enemies of arts,letters and modern culture.What this thesis calls the ne aquarian age is this design in global politics and the future who want to know and learn.The aquarian age is a concept of mass culture of an astrological philosophy and this subject I will examine in a future essay.Malthus knew the designs of


leaders of nations and the mechanism of the movement and pogroms of populations who are unwanted because they are poor and they suffer in their poverty and they allways start a struggle of clashes.

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