The Window Girl

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Once upon a time there was a girl with a magic necklace... or something like that.

Submitted: August 09, 2010

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



A long, long time ago when the world was still a very cold place there was a girl who wore a necklace with a window on it. She didn't know where she'd gotten it. She couldn't recall ever being without it. Not even her parents could tell her where it had come from. It had just always been with her. And inside of this window could be seen a great fire. It was so big that it was the only thing that could be seen through the window. And whenever she opened her window the heat from the fire would warm all the people around her. And since the world was such a cold place everybody who saw her longed to be near her. But more so they longed to be near the open window. But she was a kind girl who was happy to share her gift with the people around her.

Every day, all day, people followed her around to be warmed by her burning fire.

They walked with her through the snow.

They sat with her while they ate.

They even piled up around her while she slept. But this only made her happier. She loved seeing the joy on their faces and hearing it in their voices. Every day was wonderful and she never had a reason to frown.

Then a terrible thing happened.

One beautiful day while she was daydreaming on the beach, people huddled about her, an old woman who had been knitting comfortably in the warmth of the girl's fire had looked up from her knitting and noticed an odd thing in the window.

"What is that?" she asked, pointing to the girl's chest where the window hung open.

At first when the little girl looked in the window she noticed nothing out of the ordinary and was about to turn back to the old woman when she saw exactly what the old woman had seen. Right at the very, very edge of the window, when the flames flickered just right, there was a very tiny area of blackness. The people gathered around to peer into the window, sometimes taking turns, sometimes pushing through the crowd. Soon everybody had had their chance to peer into the window. And after very little debate the people all agreed that there was indeed a black area and that it was the place beyond the fire. The people also agreed that it had not been there before. And finally the people agreed that it was nothing to worry about. So that's exactly what they did. They didn't worry about it. Well, the people didn't worry about it anyway. But the little girl worried about it very much.

As the days passed, more and more of the blackness slowly revealed itself beyond the shrinking fire. At first this only concerned the girl. But eventually the heat from the dwindling fire began to wane and the people began to take notice. Occasionally somebody would leave to go in search of a new source of warmth. More days passed and more people left and the fire continued to get smaller. The girl noticed another change as well. At first she thought her clothes were getting bigger and that the window was getting heavier until she realized that she, like her fire, had begun to wane. And the people continued to leave.

Then one day the girl looked around and there was only one person left. It was a boy. A boy with a door hanging from a necklace around his neck.

"Why are you still here?" She asked him. "I have nothing for you."

The boy smiled. "I'm here to stay warm."

The girl was about to say, "I'm sorry but I can't keep anybody warm anymore", when she noticed the steam coming off the top of his head. She stared at him confused for a moment then asked, "What's inside your door?"

The boy smiled and said, "There's a giant tree with a swing hanging from one of its branches behind my door."

"And beyond the tree?" Asked the girl.

But the boy shook his head. "I don't know."

And that was that.

Day after day, the boy followed the girl from place to place. He slept by her, ate by her, and was warmed by her. And whether he had decided to or not he found that he had fallen in love with her. And she found that more than just loving having somebody to warm she loved him too.

As time went by her fire continued to wane and so did she, but the boy with the door around his neck stayed by her. Then one day the boy woke to the sound of the girl crying.

"Why are you crying?" he asked her, wiping the tears from her face with his sleeve. She pointed to the window which, because she had shrunk so much, now brushed the ground. Looking inside, the boy saw that her fire was now little more than a spark in the darkness. So the boy opened his door and pulled a branch off the tree and put it into the fire and the fire grew bigger, but not much. And the boy grew slightly smaller. But not small enough for them to notice.

Every day the boy would break a branch from his tree and put it through the window to feed the fire. And every day the boy grew a little smaller while his gift kept the girl from diminishing any further. And the boy and the girl were happy and warm. And every time a branch was taken from the tree more of the world behind it was revealed. Soon they were able to see a grassy field and mountains in the distance. And just behind the tree to the right was a handsome little house. And just to the left of the tree was a lake which the tree swing, if used, would swing out over. Every new discovery brought them much joy. And every new day brought more exciting discoveries. But sadly every day also brought less and less branches. And the boy shrank and shrank until he was now even smaller than the girl and his door dragged on the ground.

Then there was only one branch left. It was the branch that the swing hung from and it was too strong to be taken from the tree. So the girl's fire began to fade again and so did she. And the boy was sad.

Then one day while they sat looking into the window together the small flame sputtered, popped, and disappeared completely. Then the girl lay down on the ground and was cold. And the boy was cold.

So shivering, the boy slid the necklaces, which were now the size of boa constrictors in comparison to their diminutive size, from their necks and picked the girl up from the ground. He kissed her lovingly on the cheek and, teeth chattering, opened his door and carried her through. And the door swung shut behind them.

Nobody truly knew what became of the boy and girl after that except for this:

Somewhere in a grassy field next to a lake there is a handsome little house with a tree swing in the front yard. And in this house live an old man and woman who are very happy and very much in love. And if you were to look in their window you'd see a glowing fire in the fireplace. The biggest, friendliest, most welcoming fire you've ever seen. And you might see the man sitting at his table writing the story of their life in that handsome little house by the lake. And you might see the woman knitting by the fire glancing lovingly up at the man who from time to time looks lovingly back at her and smiles. And perhaps if you thought about it hard enough you'd realized that we lived happily ever after.


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