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The posting ive provided is just basically a rough outline. The rating is for future excerpts that I will post that i do not reccommend for children. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



Background of the creation of the LOS and its enemy:

Unknowingly to most of the human race, a rebellious demon who sought to create his own world came to earth in 1600 with a plan to destroy and enslave the inhabitants of both the human world and the KOEL world.  He is known only by the name Samael Alvah, and his arrival was foreseen by Princess Taisie of the Kingdom of Ethereal Light and Father Lucas Eden. The induction happens mere days after Taisie’s vision, and the call to arms is sent to each of the nine planes that make up the Kingdom of Ethereal light. Although some in the kingdom believed that the very god they loved cursed them by turning them into loathsome creatures, Father Eden explained that God would see their selfless sacrifice; Willingly serving for such an endeavor will show that although they resent their god, they are willing to die for him. In saving the human race, the race that shunned them, they can yet be saved.

As battles in the dark shadows throughout time are fought, Samael begins to rise in the Political spectrum, becoming revered as the “political minister,” by his associates. He is influential, higher in the food chain than most political figures, charismatic, handsome, rich, and charming. He preaches gods word in politics, even though they taste like venom in his mouth. He is the beast of Revelations in human skin, with an agenda of his own:

One-Infiltrate the high government

Two-Get as many under his influence as possible

Three-Run for president

Four-Once president, create strict laws with harsh penalties in a subtle manner

Five-Overturn Democracy, create new world order

Six-Rule as king and reveal true intentions for the human race

Seven-Take a wife, impregnate her with his son, to continue bloodline.

Samael has his own satanic religious order with ten generals known as “The Kings,” to the public to honor the three kings present at the birth of Christ. In reality, their true name is the “Ten crowns,” reference to the ten horns with crowns on the beast of revelations. They too are demons in disguise, promised a throne by Samael’s side in the New World.  Followers of this satanic order are identified by the mark of the beast, on either their forehead or right hand. Their mantra is “red skies at night, are the devils delight.”

The Los- In order to strengthen their fight against the many followers Samael has gathered, there is another half to their power. Like God created Adam there must also be an Eve.  Each Eve is a woman of either Earth or Ethereal Plane, that is the Eve to their Adam. Each woman has her own unique gift to strengthen their Adam. The LOS must find these women before the enemy or their powers and their innocence can be taken by them for Samael’s gain.  Not only are these women keys, they are the only hope for a continuing bloodline of children for the races of the planes.

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