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This story is about a man who is in the verge of losing his wife forever. He regrets his past when he was scolded and had harsh feelings for her. He eventually goes on to save her and to be a better husband.

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Doctor said that I would have to bring 3 unit of blood, by 1 o'clock. I could'nt believe that, because moment ago, she was there talking and laughing with me, and now she was in condition to harldy see me. I was angry with myself for not knowing this, though we had been together for last 18 years and sad that she didnt told me about this ever. She had tumour on her liver I was there with her, yet there was a fear of being without her. I began to recall those day when we fought and I used to be one to say that I could live without her. Words that could tear apart any one, but she had the power to withstand and not only that to love me even more. This was what, that broke me today. I looked at my watch and it was 7 in the morning, and I quickly went out in search of 3 units of blood. I went to blood bank, and there i was informed only 2 unit was available. I requested them to manage 1unit any how at any cost, but they were unable to help me. It was already 11 o clock when i left bank with 2 units of her life and mine, and rushed to hospital. It seems like time was in race with me. Somehow I reached hospital at 12.30 and gave the doctor those blood. He asked for the third to which i had nothing but tears in my eyes. Doctor saw it and read it and with sympathetic voice told me that he himself would donate her 1 unit of blood. This news gave me a new energy within me. For the 1st time I saw angel in the form of doctor. Soon after all preperation, the operation was resumed and me waiting at the door of O.T. After 45 long minutes, Doctor came out with a good news and I was more than happy, I thanked him and she was shifted to her cabin. I slowly went inside, and I holded her hand with regrets in minds but love in heart, tears in eye but smile on lips, with a feeling that I can never live without her.

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