Application scope of transportable projector

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Scope of application of transportable projector

Submitted: June 02, 2010

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Submitted: June 02, 2010



Scope of application of transportable projector

 In general, the application of transportable projectors for business applications is not usually used to demonstrate the complexity of video & animation, but in general static documents, charts, for example, Word, PowerPoint documents such content, transportable projector can meet.

 Application of transportable projectors for mobile business presentations & training of personnel participating is in dozens of people usually within the projected area in 60 inches or less. So, do not need a transportable high brightness projector.
Indicators ought to be thought about when choosing

 In choosing a transportable mini projector, the performance index is different from the standard product. Purchasing transportable projector specifications needs to pay attention chiefly brightness, contrast, resolution, lamp life & service.

Transportable projector lumens brightness indicators are usually between 800 to 2000 lumens. Users select transportable projector, the projector according to their size requirements, the environment brightness projection to select the brightness of the projector the size of purchase. In general, if the demo surroundings of 15 square meters, poorly lit, then the projection brightness of 800 lumens is , if the presentation surroundings, there's some light, then the 1000 lumens is appropriate, if the open space, light surroundings ought to be thought about about 2000 lumen projector. It ought to be noted that the current general machine in the whole semi-dark room to bright light can have lovely results. Brightness projector projector also because of different distance, the projector farther away from the screen, the picture brightness will be lower.

Contrast imaging principle according to the different chips, in general, transportable LCD projector may reach 400:1 contrast ratio over the DLP transportable projector 1000:1 contrast ratio can reach over. Obviously the indicators in contrast DLP projector is better than LCD, but this does not mean that they must select DLP projector, & actually the general document projector can only 400:1 contrast ratio. Users can select when to try projection effects.
Resolution of some store staff will advise you to buy the best machine picture resolution, while the reporter recommends that users acc

ording to their actual usage choice. For example, if your projector & laptop computers are used for use with, then you select & present the same Laptop resolution projector ideal. Transportable projector is now available to the general resolution of 800 × 600, can meet the needs of the general projection. Simultaneously, they ought to note that the prices of general projector with resolution enhancement & growth.

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