Iron Maiden

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Okay, this ain't really rated "R" I'd say more of a PG-13. It's got lots of violence in it. OKAY, this is NOT about the British Heavy Metal Band, in whom I love, but about the real torture device. It's scary. That it is :P
Iron Maiden – A Medieval story of a man who had to put his friend into an iron maiden because his friend accordingly by a group of people had committed treason however, he did not. A different man committed treason but was not caught, so the man gets his friend from the torture device and saves him, putting the group of people one by one into the iron maiden but soon they escape. In part two, the two friends are caught escaping but soon the one friend who took the other out of the iron maiden in the beginning, or part one is put in the iron maiden when they’re escaping.
Suffering from blood loss, he is getting tortured while the other man fights off the torturers. Soon he takes his friend out and patches him up quickly so they can find the enemy who really committed treason and put him in the iron maiden to die once and for all, but will they face hardships?
Soon they must escape, and when they do, what becomes of them?
I’ve put this into parts, they are poems.

1 - You're in the Iron Maiden
2 - I'm in the Iron Maiden
3 - He's in the Iron Maiden
4 - The Tale Goes On

Submitted: February 24, 2009

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Submitted: February 24, 2009




Iron Maiden - Part 1 - "You're in the Iron Maiden"
Shut the door,
lock it, too
no death on floor...
seal the screws...

You're in an iron maiden
and you'll never get out
until your body is pierced
your thoughts not devout

You can't break free
from the torture
you cannot flee
from the pain

It's for what you did
and have always done
the lies you hid
and it's your punishment

You'll stay in the iron maiden
and never get out
until you're pierced through
with cries, pleads, and shouts

It's not our fault
it's truly yours
you came to the halt
for your treason

The knives pierce through...
but not your organs
bleeding from you...
you'll die soon

I'm sorry, I didn't want to
put you in misery
they told me it was you
I had to obey them

You're in an iron maiden
I wish you could get out
even for what you did
it's hard not to pout

I look into your eyes
through the dark slit
glazed over, no lies
I can't look anymore

You're out of the iron maiden
I'm glad that I helped you out
you've lost so much blood...
please do not shout

You recover from the wounds
I'm sorry they did this to you
you'll be injured for less than a moon
I'm glad you're better, friend

What? You didn't do a thing?
It was the wrong person all along?
You never deserved the stings?
They're so evil, why?!

We'll put them in an iron maiden
and they'll never get out
until the very moment
they scream and shout

They were the ones lying,
this is their punishment
they will be the ones dying
I'm sorry you faced the pain

Iron Maiden - Part 2 - "I'm in the Iron Maiden"
Help me lock it, now
don't relinquish, friend
they won't know how
we did it to them

Accusing you of treason
Ha,how very rude!
It's a bloody season
let's give them what they deserve

Lock them up,
peirce them through
just for what they did
to you,
'Tis not your fault
for what he did
we'll find him too
he'll get a punishment
a torture of some sort
for what he did

Lock them in the iron maiden!
They'll never get out,
they condemned you of a lie;
who cares that they pout

They've caught us planning
of their own demise
they saw it coming
they saw it rise

Let's escape from the iron maiden
from the things we do not want
or on spikes will we be laden?
and death come to us and haunt?

Run, hide, go now
I do not matter
your life is more precious
climb down the ladder!

They've put me in the iron maiden
expecting not to get out
all I can do is wait...
all I can do is shout

Peircing into my flesh--
I can't take it no more
is this what will become of me?
end up dead or more?

I'm losing blood so fast,
friend will you please help?
but you've escaped last
please...friend, come!

I'm in the iron maiden!
There's no way out!
As much as I try,
as much as I tout

Friend, you've come to help!
Is this really it?
take me out, now...
I just want to sit

I've escaped the iron maiden
thank you for the aid
I've lost so much blood
the iron maiden had to raid

Patch me up quickly,
send them to their doom
I'll lay here in agony
while over them you loom!

Lock them in the iron maiden!
So they will never escape!
Lock them in the iron maiden!
into the unpleasant shape!

They deserve it, yes
soon they will perish
blood of theirs will become less
and we will win

Now, find our enemy
so we can fight back
I may be still weak;
but bravery I do not lack

They died in the iron maiden
we still haven't completed our task
I hate the iron maiden
Have we found our enemy, I must ask?

Iron Maiden - Part 3 - "He's in the Iron Maiden"
Look over there -
into the darkness of the gnarled tree branches!--
I see the dark figure's lair!
it's our enemy at last!

Go forward, thee--
for we have nothing to fear
death is frightening, you see
but torture is worse...

Quickly, onward we'll go
destroy that traitorous fool
in the iron maiden so
and we won't be tortured

Thus are we aiding
the ones we have killed
thus we are raiding
this man's life

"Stop you fool!" your yell is thin
he stops, and looks
his eyes like a sin...
a knife in his hand

"You have no right to stop me," says he
Do not cower, my friend
unto him, shall thee
put his life to an end

I'll tie his hands
you take his knife
we've found him at last!
for his own strife

Lock him in the iron maiden -
he'll never get out!
Soon he will perish -
the man was not devout

He screams in agony:
"Why do this to me?"
"Tis your own fault!" you shout
Oh, friend, he'll never see

He did something wrong
turned his back on us
why did he do it, friend?
tell me and thus...

I will understand
for I never have yet
for I'm killing him for no reason
that is why I let

"He's a traitor," you explain
Alas, I can observe
now it makes so much strain
Listen to his cries

He's in the iron maiden
never to return
for his soul is now gone
and for Satin will burn

Friend, he is a ghost
I finally know
his traitorous side was a host
to his own death toll

So what have we now?
Friend, I am bemused
You ask: "Oh, but how?"
Death is confusing to me...
it is true, is it hard to see?

Iron Maiden - Part 4 - "The Tale Goes On"
When we escaped our city
my friend came with me, too
but he couldn’t control his greed
and my life soon became my own tomb

When he took the axe upon me
I gasped as he tried to chop away
Yet he just couldn’t see,
why I was the one who must stay

He didn’t understand my ways
He didn’t get what to do
He didn’t know what to say
If I were him I wouldn’t, too

Along with the people who tried
to kill him but they only failed
they had wished that he died
but him and I, we prevailed

So on we went across the sea
to get away from that place
from that demonic city
we wouldn’t be the faintest trace

My friend and I sailed very slow
hasty was the opposite of it
we had no reason to go
faster than our current trip

But something nasty arrived
we glanced at each other in fear
but we were both too deprived
unprepared we shook so near

The wind had stopped abruptly
we be came much more worried
I trembled, and so did he
at this point he wasn’t thinking of greed

We sat for hours upon hours
waited for the wind to return
this boat was not even ours
we’d stolen it, we’ll never learn

Soon a horrid wind arrived for us
boisterously making its way
the last thing on our mind was trust
we had but nothing to say

The rain poured down to the ground
and both of us relinquished the sound
and we scurried around and found
something both of us bound

We hid inside the small boat
the sail ripped off by itself
water and mud formed a moat
around us like a filthy shelf

“We can’t go on like this,”
said my unusual friend
he was right after all
I knew that this was the end

The sea gulped us inside its mouth
and engulfed was just we,
now we were just south,
of where we didn’t want to be

We tried to get out of the sea
but it held us back forcefully
and what was grasping me
the water was gradually

I tried to gasp for air
but only inhaled chilling sea
I couldn’t help to think this isn’t fair
what ever happened to my creed?

My lungs soon filled with dread
and I knew what was happening
I would soon end up dead
I could hear the Angels sing

Where would I be going now?
Will I go to Heaven or Hell?
And I can’t help wondering how,
I came to avoiding how I fell

Darkness soon surrounded me
and I couldn’t see a thing
maybe now I can be free
from almost anything

I never lived on to tell about
my small tale about the two of us
I was a man, very devout
never once felt lust

And now I am dead to this day
and yet my story is still told…
but I never get a say…
and now it must be truly old.

© Copyright 2020 Cobra Midnight. All rights reserved.

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