Iron Maiden (Pt. 1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is part one of my poem called Iron Maiden. It is a story - so it takes place in medieval times. It is about a man who has to lock his friend in an iron maiden because apparently he did something wrong. The leaders of the place they live him accused him of treason.
Is this friend really a traitor? Can his friend help him if the accusation is wrong? I have parts two and three coming if this gets any attention and people like it.
It's a little evil and somewhat gory, but I rated it PG because I didn't quite think it was R...but it could be. If you don't like blood I wouldn't suggest this. If you think evil stuff is creepy then don't read it...well, in any case you can read it, but it's very dark.

Submitted: December 15, 2008

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Submitted: December 15, 2008



Shut the door,
lock it, too
no deaths on floor...
seal the screws...

You're in an iron maiden
and you'll never get out
until your body is pierced
your thoughts not devout

You can't break free
from the torture
you cannot flee
from the pain

It's for what you did
and have always done
the lies you hid
and it's your punishment

You'll stay in the iron maiden
and never get out
until you're pierced through
with cries, pleads, and shouts

It's not our fault
it's truly yours
you came to the halt
for your treason

The knives pierce through...
but not your organs
bleeding from you...
you'll die soon

I'm sorry, I didn't want to
put you in misery
they told me it was you
I had to obey them

You're in an iron maiden
I wish you could get out
even for what you did
it's hard not to pout

I look into your eyes
through the dark slit
glazed over, no lies
I can't look anymore

You're out of the iron maiden
I'm glad that I helped you out
you've lost so much blood...
please do not shout

You recover from the wounds
I'm sorry they did this to you
you'll be injured for less than a moon
I'm glad you're better, friend

What? You didn't do a thing?
It was the wrong person all along?
You never deserved the stings?
They're so evil, why?!

We'll put them in an iron maiden
and they'll never get out
until the very moment
they scream and shout

They were the ones lying,
this is their punishment
they will be the ones dying
I'm sorry you faced the pain

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