The Mersey Basin

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Can the Firecracker Crabs beat the Shimmery Seahorses to win the Coral cup and the championship.

Submitted: April 05, 2015

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Submitted: April 05, 2015



The Mersey Basin


Ladies, gentlemen and fish of assorted sizes and speices welcome to the Mersey Basin football tourement for the Coral Cup.

The match is between the Firecracker Crabs and the Shimmery seahorses.

"I'm your commontator Codie Codpiece here with Plaicey Plaice".

"Thank you Codie this tourement will rock the seabed as the atmosphere is electric".

Here comes Mr Bubblefish of the seahorses lets see if we can have a word with him.

"Are the seahorses ready for the Firecrackers ?" asked Plaicey

"Yes we are Plaicey. We've been practising and have a real kick in our tails" Mr Bubblefish replied.

"Thank you Mr Bubblefish, lets see if Mr Stinger of the Firecrackers will to us" answered Plaicey

"Hi Plaicey we plan to be snapping at the opponents tails from the start and hopefully pinch a few goals".

Now the teams are entering the pitch and shaking fins and claws.

The crabs win the toss by referee Otto Tenicales.

The game is about to start and the Firecrackers get the ball first but the seahorses are on the heels.

Snapper of the Firecrakers tries for a goal but misses now Dapple of the Seahorses is racing down the pitch passed one crab then two and a third now he shoots and scores GOAL!!

The Seahorses go into the lead 1-0

The crabs shoot again but it's safed this match is so intense.

There is 20 seconds to half time and the crabs have just scored it's 1-1 this match couldn't be any closer and there's the whistle for half time.

Welcome back to this fin biting match between the Firecracker Crabs and the Shimmery Seahorses.

The score is tied but the seahorses are on the attack again.

We're 30 minutes into the second half and it's still 1-1.

Here comes Dobbin of the seahorses he shoots and hits the bar, but Geegee is there and he scores it's 2-1 and the crowd are going crazy.

There is 10 seconds left can anyone score, no that's it the Shimmery Seahorses win 2-1 what an exciting game.

"Hi Codie, Plaicey here with Mr Bubblefish and the Shimmery Seahorses as they collect the Coral Cup off last year's winner Wobbles Jello. Congratulations on winning".

"Thank you Plaicey and thanks to all our fans for coming to support us" Mr Bubblefish said.

Well that's it from the Mersey Basin.

The seahorses are going to celebrate.

We hope to see you next seson for more exciting matches until then:


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