The Butterfly and the Field

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A poem I wrote about My Girlfriend

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



As I walk down the road

My mind starts to wander

I tell it to be careful and stay on the path

My mind doesn't listen

He sees a beautiful butterfly and off he goes

Right off the path and into the over grown field

The only thing I see of him is the collar I gave him

I don't bother to try and chase him

I just keep walking until I find a bench

I watch him as he gets closer and closer to catching

The beautiful butterfly

As soon as he gets close enough to catch it

It flies away

The butterfly comes and lands on my shoulder

It has deep blue wings and a black outline

It peacefully rests on my shoulder

Until my mind catches up to it

The butterfly starts to fly away

But it just circles around me until

I cusp it in my hands.

I feel so good

I feel like I am skilled

The butterfly only stays in my hands

No ones else's.

I get up and continue walking

With the butterfly still in my hands.

As I walk the butterfly transforms into a beautiful young woman

She Is just memorizing

She whispers in my ear

“come run away with me.”

I don't have time to answer

She takes my hand and leads me to the fields

I let her

We run away together

We are happy together

My mind finally walks beside me

Without running off.

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