7 days of nothing

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A woman dies smack in the middle of one of the most popular nieghborhoods in dc. with little clues to go in dectictive Jeffery Marco and and Alicia Mitchell try to solve the case with littlemore than a key and a peace of paper.

Submitted: May 19, 2012

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Submitted: May 19, 2012



An excerpt from Denise Wilchaws Journal:


February 14, 2011


If your reading this then I am dead. I leave this for whoever has use for it. All the research acquired during my search is within it. I fear that I share the same fate as my husband, but if by some chance he is alive can you ask him one question? Why?


February 17, 2011 11:35pm


The rest detective Jeffery Marco could not read because it was covered in the victims blood. He wondered what the passage meant. Just as he begins to think, an officer calls out. Detective Cognac.... I mean Marco, there is something upstairs you need to see.

Marco was not surprised to hear his nickname, but rather infuriated that the kid didn't have the decency to say it behind his back but rather to his face. He has been on the force for twenty years and only the last five have been drowned in bottles of wine, beer, or whatever else he can but his hands on. The end the day ends up the same, regretting the decision that will be made again later.

Marco walks upstairs to find it looking like the aftermath of a hurricane. Doors open, clothes and papers all over the floor,blood trails that seem to go nowhere. He wonders how a place on Capital Hill ended up like this? Marco turns to the fresh-out-of- the- academy officer and says “ so mister newbie officer what was so amazing that I had to see?” The officer pointed to the door, “Don't you think its odd that anything and everything that is open is except for this door?” Marco hated this guy and wanted to tell to fuck off but instead- “ So tell me your name officer newbie. The Officer said, “Its Brice, sir.” With a smirk on his face Marco turned to Brice and said “ Did you ever think that they where here and you spooked them off? That the perps where going through house and heard your sirens that simply says- HEY BAD GUYS IM COMIN TO GET YOU, SO RUN OUT THE BACK DOOR! Did you think about waiting for backup before securing the scene? No you didn’t that is why I am detective and you are not. Now go be useful elsewhere else.”

Embarrassed and humiliated by the detective, Brice walks off and leaves Marco to his thoughts. “As much as I hate to admit it the kid has a point, the body is at least 3 days old. That's enough time to search the house from top to bottom three times over. So why leave this door locked?And with these houses so close together why did the neighbors wait until her corpse wreaked to call it in?” The smell of rotting flesh and copper made it unbearable to stay in the house for long, so Marco took a walk down the block to eastern market.

As he passes the building that holds the food court, he imagines the smell I fresh sliced deli meat, fresh cheeses. After a fire has consumed the building he is glad so see that progress has been made and see the venders returning. D.C is his home, everywhere he went was a place to put his head. Even the crime scene could give him a place for shut eye. While enjoying the crisp night air, he thinks of the passage he just read. “ I leave this for whoever has use for it.” What does that mean? Marco walks back to the crime scene, back to the small study on the second floor. Around the woman's neck was a key chain with a plastic ID holder attached. Inside was a peace of paper with the words yes we can. Marco thought, “ is she quoting Bob the builder or Obama?” There was something else in the holder a key with the redskins decal on it. Even in death she still remained a die hard fan.

Just as he pockets the two items am woman from behind slaps him in the head. Marco turns around and is instantly nauseated by the site before him. Detective Alicia Mitchell was beyond what you consider an ugly sight. Tall without heals with a slender athletic build, midnight black locs with tips fiery red and eyes a dark hazel brown. She could have been a model if her size 12 hips weren't in the way, but she was just at content in this career field as if she was in the other. If only she had a partner that felt the same way.

Marco tried his hardest to put on a fake smile, “ Detective Mitchell, so good of you to stop by. Thanks for the visit but if your looking for a date I am busy at the moment. Come by after I solved this case.” Alicia balls her right fist, relaxes it and then bitch slaps Marco with the left. “ When you sober up and man up then maybe you can handle some cases on your own. Until then I'm stuck babysitting your ass until the job is done. Now hand over whatever is you your pocket. Marco hands her the key and the paper. She puts them in there own evidence bag. She turns to Marco and sighs, “ you do realize whatever potential evidence was on them are now lost? This is why they have me here babysitting your ass.” With what seemed like a cocky smirk Marco replied, “ I thought behind every great man is a woman, so as far as I'm concerned your right where you need be, behind me.” Just as he exits the door the house he feels a sharp pain on the back of his head. Then darkness as he falls down the steps and rolls on the sidewalk.


February 19, 2011


After having her ass handed her for knocking out her partner, Alicia went to pay him a visit at George Washington hospital. She goes in room 221 just to see it empty. She goes to the nurses station and is grated by a woman with a slightly frightening chipper attitude, “well hello, what can I do for you today?” Alicia ask about her partner and ask about the empty room. The nurse said, Well the room should not be empty there is one patient in there. The doctor has not check him yet and I don't see a release form for this patient. They both walk to room 221 and say all of his personal affects gone. Both realized that he did not just leave the room but left the grounds all together.

Back to the crime scene Marco picks up were he left off two days ago. He took a look around the house and couldn’t find a home for the key. He then looked for anything related to the words on the piece of paper. No toys or democrat insignia around, if Marco didn’t know better he would have thought that this woman lived alone and sheltered. Alicia walks in thirty minutes after Marco shows up and to his surprise she doesn't seem annoyed at all. With a painful yet cocky voice he says, “ better late than never huh detective. Alicia ignores the comment and proceeds past him to the third floor. Marco follows and notices that the door was still closed. “ So Mitchell what up with the door how come now broke it down yet?” Without turning around she said, “this is a custom made door with a custom made frame. The same people that make panic rooms installed it. It needs a key and an access code to get in.” Marco as always says the first thing out of his mouth, “who needs all that security for a bathroom?” Just then he realizes the key in his pocket. Marco hands Alicia the key and the paper. Marco said. “ I'm sure the key fits but I don't know what the paper is for.” I don't think the answer is here. If it was its not anymore. With that they headed out and made there way the FBI.




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