A hiccup in the Routine

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Glynis has a pretty much boring life. does the same thing everythay.Except on April first when a story on the news gives her a panic and puts a wrench in her usual life.

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



Bary Anderson was in all purposes and dull and lazy guy. 5 am he wakes up, showers, walks the dag, and and then head to work. Same this the next day after next. The only time that the rhythm every changes it on the weekends. He takes a long trip to see his mother in the state penitentiary. There Glynis R. Wright spends her time thinking about the the past four years.

For Glynis April first started like any other day. She wakes fixes breakfast for her Richard husband and calls her kids to wish them a good day. She then gets herself ready to go to work. An average day like any other. While getting dressed she heard on the news something that gave here pause. One of her friends of ten years was found dead in here home. Sheri was badly beaten and the house ransacked. It brought a chill down her spine, with some haste she had packed a overnight bag and placed it in her car along with a few other items. As she went to work Glynis went to her favorite diner and ordered her usual, pancakes bacon and scrambled eggs. From there she heads to work and as always she is 10 minutes early.

The rest of the day goes by clockwork. She goes to a office meeting and plays the game of endurance with the unlucky co-workers who where unlucky to here about way in promoting synergy.

During lunch she goes back her favorite diner and eats lunch. Before that though she makes her way to the back of the diner to throw away a few items. After that she orders something different , instead of having her usual soup and salad she decides to get a t-bone steak cooked medium rare mash potatoes and broccoli. The takes an extra ten minutes to then plan a meal with her husband. When getting to work she notices a message. It was her Richard saying that he would be home after he talks the the family of the deceased friend. Not surprised of the events she finishes up her day without any major events.

After her day has ended she goes to the mall and buys a wig to pairs and sneakers and a new suit. After that was the grocery store. It was quick a few items to complete the meal and getting a bottle of her favorite wine. When she gets home she starts preparing dinner only to change her mind and order Chinese. By the time she finishes the order her husbands calls to say he is on his way home. She prepares the table for dinner and look for red eye flight out of the country. Fifteenth minutes later her husband shows up with flowers in tow. Glynis accepts them and puts on a fake smile and welcomes him home.

Surprised not to seeing dinner on the table he sits down and asked, “ whats for dinner” Glynis holding back all the hatred she had for him simply said, “ I ordered me Chinese. Richard puzzled looked at her with a hint of anger, “ I told you I was coming home why the hell didn't you think to get something for me. With a smirk on her face she sat down and placed the wine on the table, “ you have said that plenty of nights and never came home. How am I suppose to know that you actually meant it? Looking at his wife with pity he walks to her and begins to hug her. But Glynis shrugs him away and begins to get up and walk to the kitchen, Richards follows close behind. Stopping in front of the sink she look takes a deep breath and says, “ did you hug Sheri like that on the nights you weren’t with me?” She turns around to see that all the color ran out of her husbands face. He approached her and said, It was a mistake on my part, I never meant to hurt you. But this is not the time for that this is the time to morn a good friends loss and be there for the people she left behind.

Glynis then takes two steps back and quickly turns around and stabs her husband in the chest with the concealed butcher's knife. “ what about what she did to me? She slept with my man and made me a fool. What about what you did to me? You made me wait for you night after night knowing you will never come home. You made a mockery of our marriage. But that’s ok, since you wanted her so badly you can go and be with her.” He flops on the floor and Glynis places the knife in the sink that she filled with bleach a few minutes before.

By then her food showed up. Glynis sat down and at her favorite beef and broccoli with her favorite glass of wine. Richard was dying but not dead, he tried with what little energy he had left and made his way to the phone. In the reflection of her wine glass she sees his futile attempt and slowly makes her way back to the kitchen. Just as his fingers touches the phone he feels a sharp pain down his spine and soon after goes limp. Glynis walks back to the dinning room and finishes her meal.

Glynis puts her bloody clothes in in the fire place and lights a match. After that she goes up to the bathroom and enjoyed a nice bath and went to sleep. Not having any luck looking for a flight the liked she took a cab to the nearest train station, bought a ticket and headed as for as she could afford. After getting off the train in a small town in Montana she finds work and takes on the same of her dead friend Sheri. Ten years later the cops find her and Glynis in a cabin on the outskirts of town. Now in maximum security she barred windows waiting for her time in the chair. The only solace Glynis has is the faced her youngest son breaks his routine and sees her during the weekends. Now her rhythm in life has is a fleeting tick on her personal doomsday clock as death looms around the corner.




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